What is your personal goal in each Mario level?


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
No matter the game or how the game changes from platform to platform, what do you tackle each level with? Personally, I pay no attention to any time limits (if any are imposed upon you) and I just go a comfortable pace and try to clear whatever I can see visibly on the screen, from coins to murdering things. I try to progress in a stead and autonomous nature.

I like to collect everything. I'm like that.

How bout you? Speed runs? Secret Paths? Or are you like me?
To hit the top of the flag. The rest of the level is just randomness to get through. The omega goal is to hit the sweet spot on the top of that flag.
In the old time Mario games, it was to collect coins and hit the flag at the right time so I could get the fireworks. As the series progressed it about collecting stars and power up items. I also try not to pay attention to the timer, so I can primarily focus on the main objective. Mario Sunshine for example was fun because you had so many stars to collect and the secret levels were so hard!
I like to beat the level...That is really all my personal goal is. Beat it and if I can collect coins then all the better.
For me it used to be to collect as many coins and 1ups as possible. Then secondly to lay the hut into Bowser.
My goals in a Super Mario level?

To collect every coin, 1-up, and power-up (though I might pass on a power-up if I prefer what I already have).

To defeat every defeatable enemy.

To smash as many bricks as possible. (Though I prefer turning them into coins when possible.)

To get as many points as possible.

To explore every corner of the level and uncover all of its secrets.

To finish the level multiple times with each possible exit. E.g. standard exit, secret exits, and warp zones.

To make the most out of exiting a level. E.g. hit the top of the pole and also get fireworks in the original NES game.

Basically, to do everything I can possible can in a given level for a true 100% completion!

I rarely forgo all of that and go a speed trial instead, although that alternative approach does have its time and place.
I'm with @aboleth_lich , I like getting everything in a level. I may not smash every brick block (especially if I know it doesn't contain anything) but I'll try to uncover everything. I'm notoriously slow when I play video games.
Well, okay: attempting to break every block in a level is very much dependent upon how many blocks are in that level!

If we're talking about a level in which blocks are fairly sparse, then it's arguably worthwhile--even if some may think it's a bit OCD! (Although, even then: it's not nearly as important as the other goals I mentioned earlier!)

If we're talking about a level with a density of bricks like 2-2 in the original Super Mario Bros, which is essentially made of bricks: then it's a rather unrealistic (impossible even) goal not worth pursing!
True @aboleth_lich , although I do remember as a kid doing a Mario run where the goal was to break every single block... Haha, we used to give each other the weirdest challenges as kids like "Who can go the furthest in a level blindfolded?" or the aforementioned "Break every breakable block in a level", etc.

As we got older, it was more along the lines of "drink each time you die", lol.
I'm glad to see I am not the only one.

At first my main goal is to finish the game as quickly as possible, using every available tool I have. This can include power-ups, secret levels, secret passageways etc... Once I complete the game I always go back to every single level to complete once again this time taking my time and collecting every; coin, power-up, block, hitting every enemy, taking all the different pathways that lead to the end. I make sure nothing is left behind.

There is a felling of accomplishment when you know there is absolutely nothing left to do in a level. This "technique" doesn't only apply to Nintendo games but all games in general. I finish the level completely only to go back and get 5 stars :p
Straight up... sometimes, I just liked to avoid all the bad guys unless if it were a boss or they're completely unavoidable. Just to see how it goes. Makes me feel accomplished.
From the most important to the least important. (Nevertheless they're all a must do)

To play with a friend locally!

To get all the star / dragon coins.

To achieve the fastest completion time I can manage.

To find all the exits.

Reach the top of the flagpole.

Beat the level with every possible character.

Record my gameplay!

Learn swag strats! :D

Pretty much the same with aboleth_lich's goals :)

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