What LoZ species would you want to be?


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May 4, 2014
Personally, I would want to be a Hylian just because I like being a human, minus my regularly shaped ears. What would you guys be? :)
I really like the Rito from Wind Waker. I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that they have both beaks (as noses) and mouths... shouldn't they be one and the same? But anyway, I thought they were an interesting species, and I want to be able to fly!
I would love to be a Zora! I would spend my days swimming everywhere and exploring the depths of the sea. The only downside of being a Zora would be that I wouldn't be able to stay on land for long periods of time.
I'd be a Kokiri! The child in me would finally be able to shine again. I love the lightheartedness of the Kokiri people, but hopefully I'll live in the time period of OoT because I would hate to be a little plant creature like in Wind Waker.
I'd either be a hylian because I like their ears and I like being human, or a zora because I love swimming but then again I fear the ocean.
I always thought the Gerudo were pretty cool. Those scimitars were pretty sweet and they were really good archers to boot.

They kinda struck me as a desert/arabian/ninja clan or something.

Of course, when I played Majora's Mask I think I loved the Goron form the most. I spent a rather obscene amount of time rolling in circles around Clock Town just because I could.

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