What Mario power-ups should Nintendo create?


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Nov 16, 2014
One thing I love about Mario games is that there's always new or reused Power-Ups. Nintendo has created "Big-Boy Power-Ups", "Penguin", "Cat", and more! The amount of different Power-Ups for Mario is insane and having them all in one game would be extreme!

With this said, I've seen topics asking you all about what your favorite or worst-favorite Power Ups are, but why not think outside of the box? What kind of Power-Ups would you like to see Nintendo create for Mario? Why do you think it would be a good addition to the games?
aside from Lightning Mario, i always said in Mario Kart, at least once a Grand Prix, their should be a power up in which the last place player swaps with the first place player. Cant be as aggravating as the Blue Shell, right?
That would be an insane power up. But I can totally see someone getting a blue shell in 12th, launching it, then immediately getting the Switch to First power up and being hit by their own shell XD

It would be very interesting to see more speed-based powerups. Not necessarily a "turn him into Sonic" mushroom or anything, but something that sped up or slowed down Mario, the enemies or the level.
@dustinb12 I totally agree with you! That would be an amazing power up for Mario Kart. I'm the type of person to always get last place (I have hand-eye coordination, but never with Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing, or anything of the like for some reason) and I think that it would be an amazing power up to have and would irritate so many players at once!

@2MooglesGaming YES! There is nothing related to speed with Mario and I think that should be a wonderful addition! I can picture that being a power up for Mario Galaxy more than anything because it's highly known for their "randomness"!
Maybe mix things up and give him Sonic the hedgehog like moves. Spin Dash attacks and so forth.
How about power-ups that play upon the plumbing theme? A plunger could be used to pick-up and hurl bricks, shells, bombs, etc and moreover could be used to stick to walls and ceilings to facilitate jumping off or even climbing or swinging along them. Granted, I'm hard-pressed to think of great uses of other plumbing tools within Mario games... I suppose one could toss a monkey wrench in the same manner that a Hammer Brother throws a hammer...

Alternatively, how about a Shy Guy's mask to disguise Mario so that enemies don't attack him?

Finally, as a suggestion specific to the Mario Kart Games: something that will allow you to briefly fly your cart?
Personally, I'm all for the portal gun being introduced:

Just think how much fun it would make the stages :D
@Bloom Totally, it would be great for Galaxy. That game already messes with gravity, so why not play with time as well? If Nintendo does make a Galaxy 3, I certainly hope it has some exciting additions.
[...]Finally, as a suggestion specific to the Mario Kart Games: something that will allow you to briefly fly your cart?

How about levels where you're flying the whole time? Unless I missed it, I don't think there has been flying in Mario Kart games? I'm somewhat surprised actually, since it seems like a natural progression. I can picture the cloud level now... Make it happen, Nintendo!

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