What MMORPG online game do you play?


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Apr 15, 2014
Somewhere in the U.S.
I have one I play sometimes. Phantasy RPG. I been trying another one called Grepolis, but not crazy about it, probably won't keep it up. Phantasy RPG is fun though. I do enjoy it as a little bit of a break from the online work and going on quests and killing a few monsters along the way is a fun way to relax.
Dragon Nest is the only MMORPG I still play. My favorite MMORPG is probably Atlantica Online just because I'm of a huge fan of that type of battle system.
My history of MMORPGs:

Myth War & Myth War 2
World of Warcraft
Fiesta Online
Maple Story
LOTR Online

The one I played the most was Myth War because I started playing with a couple of friends, and later found a lot of friends through the game. At some point we all just stopped playing. I had a guild there, and great guild-mates. I was the captain and had about 20 people following me, obeying my commands and our main goal was to be friendly :)

The one I liked the most was World of Warcraft because of its huge world and many things to do, areas to see, things to learn. However, I stopped playing because it took too much time. I played for a couple of months and stopped due to lack of free time.

The one I'd still play if I had enough time and someone to play with would be Lord of the Rings Online. Being a fan of the movies, it was an awesome experience to see all the areas from the books and movies transformed into a game. I wish I had more in-game friends to play with because I'm sure the game gets even better later (I reached something over lvl 20 and stopped because I was bored and alone).
I play Final Fantasy XI on and off. I love the game so much. There's so much to do!
I still play both World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2. I sink most of my time into WoW since it's a paid subscription, and when I'm bored of WoW or just in the mood for another game, I'll play Guild Wars 2 here and there since my account is always active without a subscription. I've been playing WoW for around 5 years now and my favourite aspect is definitely raiding. I love being part of a team and performing my role to the very best of my ability. I'm disappointed in the current lull of content, since my guild cleared heroic SoO in early March. We plan to continue raiding 20-man mythic in the new expansion Warlords of Draenor, with the goal of reaching US top 50 in guild rankings!

Prior to these, I played Ultima Online in the late 90s, Ragnarok Online, Asheron's Call, and Guild Wars 1 and spent an average of 2 years on each game. I recently tried Elder Scrolls Online and Wildstar but neither game impressed me enough to purchase both the game and subscription.
I'm doing Grepolis right now with like five cities... so there is that. I was with oGame, but those guys suck. Most of the others I was with are basically Pay to Win types now - so I'm basically just with Grepolis. The alliance makes it worth it.
Tera and C9 are the current ones I play.

Tera was the first game that blew my mind with the fact that I could combine fighting and dodge mechanics of a game instead of constantly having my character attack via auto attack. It gets annoying REAL fast. While I don't mind these mechanic every once in a while, when you've played so many MMORPGs, you just want something new. Tera breaks up the monotony of all that and brings something fresh to the table.

C9 or Continental of the Ninth Seal is another game that I like. I reminds me of Rusty Hearts without all the confusing skill branches. You get a chance to enter in combo attacks and dodge when needed. You need skill and timing in order to survive in the world of the game. The character creation isn't bad except for the texturing on the hair. You're able to change the height of your character, which isn't something I see very often in games like these.

I'm taking a bit of a break from the two at the moment, but that doesn't stop me from loving these two MMORPG's any less.
I was playing DC Universere Online for a really long time before I had stopped. After that, there was a really long period where I didn't really play any MMOs. I finally decided to give them another try and played Marvel Heroes for a little while. I really enjoyed the game, but I was turned off by the fact that you couldn't use the controller at all. The next game MMO what I'll be playing will be Age of Wushu. It was suggested to me on Steam based on me playing DC Universe Online. I'm pretty excited to give it a try.