What Nintendo character do you hate the most?


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Oct 22, 2014
Super NES
Last week we released a video about five of the most annoying Nintendo characters. It actually started out as a video about the most annoying gaming characters in general, until we realized how many characters from the Big N were on the list.

So, what characters do you hate/dislike/find super annoying? Let's just vent out all that anger :p

Also, here's the video for anyone curious :)

after several seconds of careful thought: whoever's fault it was that Nintendo Power was canceled
I would vote for Baby Mario from the Yoshi games, purely for his annoying wailing. Zelda's Navi takes a distant second place, but I honestly don't find him nearly as annoying as many others do.
@dustinb12 That is a very good answer! Watching gaming publications slowly die out has been a pretty sad thing. Nintendo Power is sorely missed.

@aboleth_lich Baby Mario's crying is one of the worst sounds I have ever heard. At first it wasn't that bad, but it just built up over time to become super grating :p
Baby Mario indeed. There was even a hilarious video made for this:

When even YOSHI hates you. Then you're SCREWED. Poor Yoshi.

Navi was okay, not as annoying as some made her to be. But she was fine. You could basically just ignore the "HEY! LISTEN!" for a majority of the game. Sometimes, when I was stuck it helped me to understand what I should be doing too.

That DAMN DUCK HUNT DOG. That Lauging. That LAUGH.
Ah yes, the Duck Hunt dog! There's nothing quite a game that literally laughs at the player's failure to earn a... let's say "special" place in the player's heart! ;)
To be honest I never liked Mario from the get go. Serious, if I pitched you the idea of a plumber fighting in different underground worlds through the sewer system, would you take it seriously? I never liked Mario and the games he was in, with the exception of Mario Gold 64.
Resetti. He was irritating in Smash Bros, popping up and taking over the whole screen, and then, when I got ACNL a couple of years back, I made the fatal mistake of forgetting to save the game. What felt like 3 hours later he finally let me go back to my game. There's something incredibly annoying about Resetti and I avoid him at all costs!
Baby Mario indeed. There was even a hilarious video made for this:

that video is classic every time.

I mostly hate anyone annoying like that damn duck hunt dog! And the owl and fairy in Zelda OoT.
That Owl in OOT was just a minor annoyance, but the Navi was annoying as F with HEY LISTENxINFINITY spammed in yer' ear.