What Over-World theme from which game was your favorite?


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
Mine had to be Link to the Past's "Dark World" Theme, and failing that the music while you were flying your bird in Skyward Sword was pretty catchy, as well.

What's yours?

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tough tough question, the first off the top of my head was from Link's Awakening. i don't know the proper name, but it made me feel at ease but still on an adventure. Nice lil jingle
Second favorite has to be this one:

ok we can do 2nds, WW Great Sea. I listen to this on the way to work sometimes. Beautiful

i quit, this could go on forever!!
It could, indeed. We all love these games, that's why we're on a forum for it (nintendoforums), in the specific section for it (Hyrule)

Man I miss Koji Kondo doing the music in the later ones, though.

PS: I did enjoy WWs one, just not as much. I guess I was too into sailing and looking everywhere to sit back and enjoy the music on the ride. Treasure to dig up, islands to explore.

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