What to do once finished the game?


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Jan 11, 2017
iv just finished the game for the first time (sun). what is there for me to do now? what should i do first?
urr.... i only know 1 person that plays but he is still at start of game. its ok iv found something to do for the moment, dont know if i should mention it incase of spoilers. my team still isnt ready for online battle yet. mainly for 2 reasons 1. i have a male salandet which cant evolve. so i want to replace it and 2. my slowpoke hasnt evolved yet but i have just now got the kings rock to evolve it into a slow king :)
Define "finished". I know there is some sort of ultra beast side quest after you become the champion. Also apparently the elite four powers up after the first time or something. Aside from that, make more teams?
I still have to train my sandslash and drampa before i take on the elite 4, but the thing is that its so difficult to train. The best pokemon i can find is absol on mt lanakila, and i have to battle a few of those before they level up
finished = i became pokemon league champion. iv just started the ultra beasts side quest. will finish the ultra beast quests then try elite 4 if they have powerd up. have you done elite 4 lightning_ninja?

scepty i needed to level up my team a bit before elite 4 . i just went to the pokemon centre at the elite 4 then down the elevator to the patch of grass there . pokemon are around level 40 bit higher in that location

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