What types of games do you play when you're feeling sad? Cancer sucks!


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Feb 7, 2016
**The game is Fantasy Life in this video.** I wish I could say things are getting better but they seem to be getting worse anyways thanks for watching the video.
My condolences for you in those bad news. I know it's really tough. My mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2011. Luckily the diagnosis came early on, but she was 52 and had to undergo the Whipple procedure, which is quite complex (operation lasted about 12 hours). Her doctor said, 4 years after the procedure, that the fact she's doing perfectly well today is like she'd survived a plane crash, in terms of what her chances looked like.

I've lost a few relatives to cancer, and yes, it sucks... but let's hope your dad's story works like my mom's in the end. I'm not really religious, but I'll pray for your father. :)
'Til then, keep your head up, and don't doubt to send me a message if you feel like talking. They say I'm a good listener.

And finally, to be on topic... I recommend big, immersive RPGs. Or very intense action games that rely on reactions, to help take the mind off of things. Those are the two types of games that work for me when I'm feeling down.
CemeteryGates23 Thanks for your comment! My mother had a similar story to your mom in 2009. The only difference is she had a tumor in her brain that caused her to have a stroke. My mother is a fighter and survived also. She has trouble walking but after all she has been through doing well. My father was considered her caregiver so now that he isn't doing well himself it will probably be my sister.

My father is still waiting for the results on what they are going to do. He is still in the ER because of being in so much pain. My mom had to go visit today to help him update his will. Life is tough right now but all I can do is hope for the best. Thanks for you reply!

The game choices you picked seem like the types I would choose also. Thanks!
My mom said in two weeks from now my dad will go through that same operation called Whipple. They are giving him time to build up his strength first. He will stay in the hospital for a few more days then get to come home and rest. The following week he will go into surgery sometime. It seems like even so it's a serious operation he has a good chance of being OK. It seems like it's pretty good news.
I'm very sorry to hear about your Dad, i hope the surgery goes well and he gets better. That took major guts to share with us, and feel free. You are amongst friends. And i totally agree: games are an escape, hobby, just a little breather to get away from the real world for awhile. It gives us a chance to do things we may never do like save princesses, win national championships, wrestling matches or whatever. From previous discussions i know you know how much i love Fantasy Life, so i will suggest this: if you care for platformers, when i need to get away from the world i love a good whimsical platformer. Some good ones were Klonoa, Kirby's Epic Yarn, A boy and his Blob (wii) and right now i really dig Yoshi's Woolley World (wii u.) These all just took me to a place you could only see in your dreams. From your video i know you totally understand what I'm getting at.

good luck and God Bless
Dustinb12 Thanks my friend! The games suggestions are awesome also. Those are all fantastic choices to play. I truly enjoyed reading your comment. There are a lot of cool people here. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments. I'm going to go back to the world of Fantasy Life soon. I need to master some new jobs. Lol!

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