What unique superpower would you want?


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Apr 13, 2016
Wii U
Mine would be "Restore Point." The ability to find something in the past and create a perfect copy of it in the present. That GameBoy SP I lost ten years ago? I can bring forward a copy of it from the day I bought it. My cat Oreo that ran away fifteen years ago? I can bring forward a copy of him when he was just a kitten. The lost Doctor Who episodes? I can now watch them in their entirety. I just spent my last $20 on Monday? No problem here it is.
Mines would be to control matter, I would love to be able to manipulate everything no matter what it is. I want to be able to walk outside and like the air bender in a way, move up dirt, and turn it into a liquid right in front of my eyes.

I would love to fly, and if I could control air, I 'm pretty sure that would happen. It would be so nice to live in a world where these powers do exists. Only in our dreams though.
Well, the Hololens is bringing mixed reality.
The restore point one really is interesting to think about. Usually when you think of a superpower that you would have you have trouble thinking of squeezing all the things that you could do into a short amount of time, but this one is a little different. I am going back in time and trying to think of the things that I would want to recreate. I have a question, though....can it be applied to human beings? I would like to bring back some people that I have lost. Thanks for sharing.
Say a woman's name out loud and we could get it on right away. So good for those celeb crushes.
@rz3300: You can bring back the dead, and even bring back an instance of yourself if you know you are about to die. But then you start running into ethical and citizenship problems. What happens if you bring back someone who has been dead for twenty years? They would be marked as deceased on their tax and citizenship profiles (which already is a pain for people who were accidentally marked as dead), and all of their information would be expecting someone who is twenty years older. That's one potential problem. The other problem is if you make multiple copies of yourself or someone else, who has the legal identity then?

The way I see this power is that the "Restore Points" are every way as identical and real as the original was at the time of origin, and the power does not include the ability to cancel out or delete the copies you make. Any copies you make that you no longer want will have to be disposed of one way or another. And the original is still real, so if you're bringing back the dead the corpse will still exist.

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