What was Miiverse like?


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Feb 10, 2023
I was very young at the time and I really wish I had the online services back then. What was your experiences?
I thought the Miiverse was a neat little element of the Wii U platform. As someone who was a bit older during the time it was active, I found a lot of the posts that I could tell were likely made by kids to be amusing yet cute as well. The posts that would pop up after completing levels in the game Nintendoland, which I played frequently with friends, could generate a lot of laughs for us, as would those that appeared in Splatoon or the Miiverse-based Smash Bros stage. I myself didn't post stuff very often but I liked the ability it gave you to draw things or see elaborate fanart drawn by other people from around the world. You could spend a lot of time browsing Miiverse game communities looking at art.
it was very fun, especially the very young drawing silly pictures, etc. I also got a ton of gaming help on it. Wish it was still around.