What was missing from other Zelda Games?


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Jan 21, 2015
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That you would personally like to see in the new upcoming non-titled one for the WII-
U? After listening, he (Eiji Aonuma) said you'd be able to explore freely, wondering where to go - giving that scale of if you want to go do something, go do it.

I have a question of how much actual Temple(*or Dungeon*) content we'll find in the new one because they expressed a need to make the entire game world at least three times as large as WindWaker, and WW was huge. Even minus the flute to pick you up and warp you around, you had to sail for ages to get someplace. He said he wanted to replace that feeling with being able to ride Epona (or whatever horse they give you this time, come on SEA-BISCUIT!) forever and a day, and that horseback archery was a focal point

What do you want to see in this title that was missing sorely from the other games in the franchise?
After playing Fantasy Life, I've come to the conclusion that my beloved Zelda is lacking in use of all the goodies you gather in the field. SS started to infuse rpg elements, in upgrading items, shields, etc. Im just saying that how many times have I found myself searching through Hyrule Field looking for treasure chests just for the sake of finding them? Then having 9,999 rupees with nothing to really use them for?
This is simple for me to answer. And this is something Aonuma has already answered for me, that being how they are finally going to let me go as far as I want to. If I see a mountain in the distance, I can go explore it. Where the options of exploring are almost unlimited. I've always wanted this in a LoZ game (or really, any game) and I hope I can actually get it this time. TP came close to doing this for me which is partially why I love it so much. So, I really just hope they don't mess it up somehow and they just let me explore with my horse friend Epona as much as I want.
no in other words i love that post and agree whole-heartedly! Im a huge Zelda fan myself

sorry for the misunderstanding

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