What was the first Zelda you beat?


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Apr 2, 2014
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There's no doubt that 90% of us here have played multiple Zelda games. My first exposure to the series was watching my sister go through the fields of hyrule on the nes, but I never got very far myself. It wasn't until a few years later when we brought an snes that I sunk my teeth into a Zelda game, no doubt the first for many, Link to the Past. Such an amazing experience, start to finish, the best music ever, great bosses and I still get chills thinking of when I first stepped into the dark world, it blew my little mind. I like Ocarina a lot but ALTTP is my #1 Zelda and the first I beat. How about you?
Ocarina of Time :3

It was the first and only Zelda game my siblings and I owned at the time, so in turn it was the first Zelda game in which victory's name was Shiiku.

Ganondorf and Ganon were pretty easy for me. I remember getting stuck with Bongo Bongo though, and eventually my older brother had to help me defeat him. Brings back one of the best memories of childhood gaming every time I think about this game.
I beat all Zelda games in chronological order up until the Oracle games came out, which I couldn't get into and eventually skipped altogether.
The first Zelda game that I had ever beaten and the game that made me hook to the whole Zelda series is Zelda The Ocarina Of Time. I remember when I had borrowed that game from a friend and ever since that day I had never looked back on a Zelda game in my life I just really love those games. I still go back and play that game on an emulator because I liked it so much.
crunchyg said:
I beat all Zelda games in chronological order up until the Oracle games came out, which I couldn't get into and eventually skipped altogether.

That is a real shame, the Oracle games were pretty awesome and still fun to play today.
I think it would have been Oracle of Seasons, although it could have been Ocarina of Time. I'm not sure. Probably Oracle of Seasons, since I thought it was cooler than Ages, and I was terrified of Gohma for so long in OoT.
The first Zelda I beat was Ocarina of Time. I first got turned on to the Zelda games by one of my hubby's eldest daughter's boyfriends. I was instantly hooked. I'd played some first person shooter games, and I liked them well enough, but it was Ocarina of Time that grabbed me by my gamer heart. I have been hooked ever since. I have my nephew to thank for helping me acquire my first Nintendo consoles. I have one of the translucent green Nintendo 64's and both Ocarina of Time and that Gold colored Majora's Mask cartrige with that holographic image and I STILL play them from time to time. LOL I also have a Game Cube and a Wii. I have Windwaker and Twilight Princess and I have Skyward Sword, which I am still actually working my way through. I have yet to beat the final big baddy, because I am working my way through without actually resorting to using a game guide AT ALL this time, and there is SO MUCH MORE to do and find in this Zelda game...I LOVE IT. But, I am thinking I might have to break down and use it from time to time to find all of the cubes and the do ALL of the side quests...of which there seems to be a wonderfully vast amount of. ANY advantage I can gain for the big final show down, because I am certain that one will be the toughest baddie yet. :)
Oh yeah, that would be A Link to the Past for me - followed by the Gameboy One what was it called..Link's Awakening! My cousin and I powered through A Link to the Past in a weekend once, it was so much fun! And Link's Awakening was so great too even though it was so tiny! lol I love all the Zelda games, and each one has brought something new to the table. Such a rich storyline and engaging gameplay makes it so accessible to so many I think!
I haven't played the Zelda games for the smaller game systems because I find the screens really hard to see. I wish I could play them because I feel like I haven't done the complete Zelda gaming experience! I have tried but it just makes my head start aching in no time and my eyes feel all jiggly and like they are lined with scratchy wool. LOL
Minish Cap was the first one I beat. It was really fun but that final castle challenge where you have to get to the end before the bells ring probably took me a couple months, no joke. It was so hard but extremely satisfying to beat.
Twilight Princess was the first one I beat. One of the best, in my opinion.
It was the first one for me. I don't remember if I ever beat the second one; maybe once. ALTTP; beat this one several times. I also believe I beat OOT once. All the others.........either got stuck, or got side tracked on something and never finished them.
Although I had previously played the three (S)NES games that preceded it, the first Legend of Zelda game that I personally owned myself and actually completed was... *drum-roll* Link's Awakening on the Game Boy! A fine, occasionally overlooked entry in the franchise that mixed things up by not having Ganon(dorf) be involved in the story at all! And, of course, it was the first portable Legend of Zelda game and proved to be a truly fine way to kill time on long road trips! (As a passenger of course!) In fact, it's my all-time favourite Game Boy game!
I believe the first one I beat was Oracle of Seasons or the Minish Cap.
It was Phantom Hourglass for me. It was the first Zelda game I played, and I really loved what it could offer, so it was worth beating.
Ocarina of Time. I love and still love that game. It's awesome to play it on PC in HD with a windwaker texture mod. It's pretty freaking awesome.
The first Zelda game I beat was Wind Waker. I thought that the game was really fun and interesting, so I was surprised to discover that a lot of people disliked the game.
For me it was OoT. I still get anxiety attacks thinking about the water temple. I'm not as old as some other to have had the chance to play the older ones until recently on emulators.
Oh come on, don't be over dramatic. The Water Temple wasn't as bad as people like to say, it was just tedious.

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