What was the last PC game you invested a lot of time in?

Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
Super NES
When the consoles started getting more advanced, I stopped playing the PC very often. With the consoles, I never had to worry about hardware/software conflicts etc., and I actually saved a lot of time. In fact, the last PC game I remember playing for countless hours is Quake and Warcraft 2. Before then, Doom fried my brain. How bout you guys/girls?
the sims 2! Seriously though.. I used to be obsessed. I would create a family and play for hours. I also loved play the university expansion
I never got into the sims games. I used to be a big first person shooter freak, Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, Black Store etc., however, before I stopped playing PC games I got into strategy. Warcraft 2 was my favorite of the time, as well as Command and Conquer.
I'm mainly a PC gamer at heart so I could list a bunch that I remember spending quite some time on. Diablo 2 I have been replaying recently and have put at least 100 hours into that. I love Terraria, it is a nice, cheap Inidie game that allows for some flexibility and creativity. I never played Warcraft 2, but I did buy it; for some reason my PC is not interested in letting me play it. Maybe that's because it is an older game? Not sure.
Lol! Iceskater, I would count it! That game gets very addicting very fast. I think I once wasted an entire day playing minesweeper. It started just as a way to pass time until my friend got home, but afterwards I made them pull up a chair and watch me play.
I still play games on the PC and on consoles. Right now my DSi is broken, so it's mostly PC-gaming for me.

The most time I've spent on a game was Final Fantasy 7. I wanted to complete the game 100% and write a walkthrough.
I did both, but never published it. Took me more than 100 hours (maybe even 150).

The last game I've played so much was the Assassin's Creed series :D
Roseary said:
I never played Warcraft 2, but I did buy it; for some reason my PC is not interested in letting me play it. Maybe that's because it is an older game? Not sure.
I'm sure that is it. I find it really hard to get older games working on newer pcs. There are a number of patches available online, but I'm not sure how effective they would be on games as old as Warcraft 2.
That's why I always have an old PC lying around, if I get that "play some AoE2" feeling :)
It's good to have both PC and consoles.

If I had the time and money, I'd buy all consoles and games so I don't miss out on any of 'em :D
Final Fantasy XI and more recently Need for Speed: Underground. I forgot that NFS used to be good with all these new crappy ones coming out!
The Diablo games. The only one I haven't played yet is the Diablo 3. I don't tend to play a lot of computer games being a hardcore Nintendo-ian and LoZ fan. I have played the a couple of the Doom and Quake games. While I liked them, I have a hard time with the first person shooters, they tend to make me a bit motion sick. I tend to stick with the RPG adventure type games anyway, and that is why DIablo really appealed to me. Like having different games going with the different characters and love the levels. :)
New addition to my "long time spent on it" list of games: Lego Marvel Super Heroes :D

I never thought about playing a Lego game. It's not that I didn't like them, it's just that I wasn't really interested.
But then I saw a youtube video of this game and I had to get it right away :D

And since my computer and my DSi are broken, my NES and GBA have been borrowed, I'm playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes on my laptop :)
It's a really fun game :D
I recently discovered an obscure PC shoot 'em-up from the mid-90's called SideLine. It was developed in Taiwan by a group of university students, unfortunately it didn't sell very well and that's why we never heard of it. It gained a bit of cult-notoriety within the online shmup community. The author of the game decided to allow folks to download the game for free. Honestly, it's such a high-quality game that he should have put it up to sell on Steam and GoG. It's really sucked up a lot my time, recently.
Minecraft. I play it with my friend all of the time through Skype on servers. It is really fun! :)
Quite a few. I've been putting hours into Empire: Total War and Football Manager lately, but Killing Floor is my most played game on Steam. :D
I might be showing my age and the fact I don't play many PC games but... FEAR.
The Sims ahah :LOL:
I love these kind of games, but I don't really play much on my PC (I don't have a good thing to play)
Devil May Cry 4 SE. This special edition includes Vergil, Lady and Trish as playable characters. If I've played the first release for hundreds of hours with only Nero and Dante, then how much more now that I have 5 playable characters?! :D

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