What was the name of a NES karate game?

Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
Super NES
What was the name of that NES game, where you played as a Karate guy, and walked through the levels fighting enemies? The game also had a one on one mode, where you could fight your friends. This is REALLY bothering me, because I cannot think of the game title.
Kung Fu?


Or Karate Kid

i had kung fu. "hoohoohoohooo" that's the noise it made, right?

there was another one, kinda like karate kid, you'd go through some platform like levels, and then you'd get into tournaments. idk the name, something Tournament maybe
Oh sweet mother of toilet paper I hated and loved this game so much!!!

It was so difficult for me to play when I was a kid. My friends and I would assemble around the console and take turns playing.
In the end I was the second in the group to ever beat the game :D

I still remember the hohohohohooo sound ahahah :D
There were like 60 of those games - and another 50 that were only in Japanese. Hyperbole aside... I loved these old side scrollers even if they were hilariously awful sometimes.
Did you get your answer, OP? It's definitely not Kung Fu as that game didn't have a mode where you get to fight your friend. Karate Kid sounds like it could be it based on the description provided in the OP.
Is it possibly Karate Champ? I ask only because it shares a few elements you're looking for.

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