What was you first play time with a N64?


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Feb 18, 2013
I first played the N64 at the local YMCA. There were a lot of interested people so I had to wait, but getting to play Mario 64 and that wave runner game made it all worth it. YMCA was really good for picking up Nintendo systems - they were also my first experience with the Gamecube. What about you guys? When did you first get hands on experience with these systems?
Christmas of 96, my mom got my dad one.. I played super mario 64 that night. My dad was a champ at that game!
Your parents are awesome people - also the pride you have in your father's Mad Mario 64 skills is rather adorable. That I got my first experience with the N64 at the Y, but it ended up being an Income Tax gift from the 'Rents. So much time I spent on it - and it was so fun.

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