What Wii games do you want on the New 3DS or New 3DS XL?


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Jul 15, 2014
Game Boy Advance SP
I was thinking sense they are making Xenoblade chronicle on the New 3ds and that use to be a wii game imagine what other wii games we could get on the New 3ds me personally I wouldn't mind super Mario Galaxy on the New 3ds then again that might be to big of a game I've never played Xenoblade chronicle so I don't know how big of a game it is tell me what wii games you would want I also wouldn't mind rythm heaven fever on the New 3ds
Not really enough Wii games to me that makes me pop out and say "oh I want that on my 3DS."
I'd like to see MadWorld on the DS. May even be better on the 3DS. They should consider exploring more MA rated titles. Some of them (like the aforementioned) were done really well.
MadWorld and both No More Heroes titles would be cool to have on the 3DS. These are games that can be enjoyed in short bursts so they are suited for a handheld. They are so very addictive titles, I always find something going back to them. The 3DS hardware is just about powerful enough to handle them but there may be some slowdown issues.

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