What Would Make You Buy This Console?

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Apr 30, 2016
If it had backwards compatibility with the Wii U, I'd buy it. Otherwise, probably not.
They'd have to mess up pretty bad to not have me buy it. Like charging $550+. I like the rumors of what it is, a console/handheld hybrid.
At launch? More than Zelda (because thats also on Wii U) that I definitely want. Something to instill confidence that the console isn't going to be in what feels like a perpetual drought. So we're clear, I'm not big on the Mario franchise, so that won't cut it. A Prime 4 or new F-Zero would definitely do it for me. $450 Is also kind of my price limit.

At some point in the console's lifespan? Whenever there are enough games I want to play.
maybe if i could play everything from the Gamecube on through the 3ds games. but still, what's the rush? For me the wii u and 3ds is a blast and I'm still having fun.
The return of one of Nintendo's niche series (Metroid and F-Zero are right on top), or a new home console Fire Emblem, they would be the proof they're actually going to push this console with all weapons in their arsenal. Also, I'm sure compatibility with Wii U games (pretty much granted, considering how Nintendo has handled its consoles until now) would convince a lot of Wii U owners to sell it and buy an NX.
It would be nice if the NX had compatibility with Wii U games. What I think would be a good plan of action would be for Nintendo is if they released a new Smash game (Even if it is a port for Smash 4), so that they can get the Smash community behind it (Which is A LOT of people, which includes me). A new Splatoon game would be cool (It could be called Splat2n! LOL :D), too, but I am not sure how they could improve it . They will have to fail pretty miserably, though, for me to not buy the NX. It would be epic, too (Now I am just dreaming), if they could remake Super Mario 64! Okay, I will stop nerding out, now. :p
Right now the cost is probably what would make me back out from buying it. There is a lot of speculation but if it is really a handheld and console hybrid then it's going to be very innovative, and of course I'll be very curious and excited to get one. Unless it costs absurdly high then I will definitely get it!
I'll buy this console anytime as long as I have enough money. It's not the features I'm buying, but the games they release with it. After all, that's the primary reason why I'm buying Nintendo consoles all this time. :)
If it stayed away from the money making strategies of DLC and felt like an honest company that was more into sharing great games than just making a profit, I'm in.
Even if it doesn't compare to the competition with graphics and features, just trusting them will win me over :)
@spence88 There's no such thing as not having enough money for video games. We may be out on the street with no electricity, but at least we have our games. :)

So while all the other homeless are sleeping under plain, boring brown boxes, you'll be under loads of comfy came cartridges, cases and flashy box art. You'll be a king among hobos! :p
@spence88 There's no such thing as not having enough money for video games. We may be out on the street with no electricity, but at least we have our games. :)
...yet not being able to play the games. Because no electricity.
That must be awful than, since you will want to play them SO BADLY. :p
I think i would buy it, i would like to see the next Super Smash Bros game on the NX, it would be pretty cool though, also the console/handheld hybrid is awesome, i would try it.
For me it would only be the price of the device that would stop me from buying the new console as I think that even though I understand that they have to make a profit, gamers have been given a bit of a raw deal when it comes to prices and I wouldn't pay over the odds again.
Unlike most people I'm not liking the "console/handheld" hybrid idea one bit. First of all, it sounds "underpowered" all over again, and second, Nintendo's innovative ideas are pretty hit-or-miss for me and for sales it would seem as well.
Why can't they make a more conventional console that takes advantage of their timing and unique IP to beat the competition into oblivion? I would happily buy that at release, even if it were comparatively expensive.
While it a true that Nintendo come up with some crazy ideas, and I think most people would prefer that they didn't, it's become a bit of a habit now.

I'm not even sure if Nintendo want to come up with the more mainstream ideas as they seem content releasing the hit and miss ventures that they are doing at the moment.
If they innovate, their core players will like them, but they'll get bad sales. If they stay mainstream, the core players will get bored, but they will have good sales.

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