What would you want in the Super Virtual Boy


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Apr 13, 2016
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Let's say Nintendo revisits VR. How do you think they will do it?

Personally? I think they will go AR and base the SVB on the Microsoft Hololens. It doesn't require an empty room or omnitread, and allows for augmented games that can even work with the Amiibos!. Remember those VR cards for the 3DS? Nintendo could do that with a Hololens clone, but better.

And if you and your friends get Super Virtual Boys you can hold fireballs or magic spells in your hands and throw them at your friends! Someone could make a VLARP game where your swords and magic become a lot cooler than just using cardboard armor and hitting each other with foam swords.
That would be a great idea. I actually really liked the original virtual boy :p. The only thing i have contrary to what you said was that it might not be the Hololens. Even though this seems like the best choice, microsoft already has xbox, if they wanted to do something like that they definitely would not team up with one of the competitors? Even though it would be a bit more difficult to use, they would probably go Oculus Rift from Samsung. If not they would have to do something original, which might be a good thing, bringing new technology to the Nintendo World, but it might be a terrible, price raising, poor quality, failure of an item like so many of its predecessors.
The thing is that I really think AR will suit Nintendo better than VR. Being able to interact with the real work while wearing the helmet suits Nintendo's MO better. If they don't want to take on the cost of the laser magic that the Hololens uses (holograms have proper focus, so far holograms get blurry if you focus on something near and vice versa) they may be able to get by with a little projector or something that reflects against the see-through screen in front of your eyes.
I think the same, but they would have to somewhat remake the Hololens, with the same concept but in their own product. It just does not seem practical to use one of the competitors products.
That's what I meant. The Hololens uses some really unique display tech which was why I was referencing it directly.

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