What would've Shovel Knight DLC have been if any other characters won dig the vote

If Plague Knight, Shovel Knight & King Knight DIDN'T Get DLC Campaigns who would YOU have chosen

  • Polar Knight(Explain Why you chose him in the Comments Below)

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  • Mole Knight(Explain Why you chose him in the Comments below)

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  • Propeller Knight(Explain Why you chose him in the Comments below)

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  • Tinker Knight(Explain Why you chose him in the Comments below)

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  • How Could I Decide, there's so much I Wanted

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  • I would've chosen More than Three

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Dec 9, 2016
How Different Could the DLC of Shovel Knight have been, if the Winners of Dig the Vote{A Backer-Exclusive Poll to decide which members of the Order of No Quarter including the Enchantress and/or Black Knight would get their Own Campaigns; OBVIOUSLY, Plague Knight[His Campaign is Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows] Specter Knight[HIS campaign is Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment], and King Knight[whose CURRENTLY Upcoming(as of this Thread's Creation date of 9/11/2017) Campaign is called Shovel Knight: King of Cards]}
were Some of the OTHER Knights(and Enchantress) Such as:
Treasure Knight(A Logical Name for the Campaign could be Shovel Knight: Pursuit of Treasure; but how could it have played like, and How Good Would it have Been, and would it be a Sequel or Prequel to the Main Campaign or would it have happened at the EXACT same time concurrently with the Events of Shovel Knight)
Black Knight(What would the Campaign have been Named; i.e. in the Naming Scheme of The OTHER DLC campaigns, such as Plague of Shadows, Specter Of Torment, King of Cards, and even the Renamed Main Campaign of Shovel Knight, which is NOW called Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope; Could it have been Shovel Knight: The Black menace or Shovel Knight: Black Knight Strikes Back; And Would it go in reverse of the Campaign Starting at the Enchantress and Ending at Plains of Passage; Could his Monty Python Laugh have been a Taunt similar to Plague Knight's Waltzing, and Specter Knight's Cold Shoulder/Donovan's Moonwalking,)
Polar Knight(Could his Campaign have been Called, Shovel Knight: The Polar Menace; and How would he have played, and Would it have been as greatly recieved as Plague Of Shadows & Specter of Torment were)
The Enchantress(I Could see it now; It could've been called Shovel Knight: Revenge of The Enchantress, or Shovel Knight: The Enchantress Strikes Back, and It could've been The Enchantress Enforcing her authority over the Order, who has rebelled against her)
Tinker Knight(Your Ideas here)
Propeller Knight(I Have NO Ideas)
Mole Knight(I Need help for ideas)
I Chose these 3 for THESE reasons:
Black Knight(It would've been Cool to See Black Knight's Side of the Story, such as where He was during Shovel Knight's Campaign when he WASN'T fighting Shovel knight, or see where HE was, while Shovel Knight was mourning the *Supposed* Loss of His Beloved Shield Knight)
The Enchantress(I would've LOVED To see The Enchantress Enforce her Authority on a Disobedient Order of No Quarter, and See Her Reflect Projectiles)
Treasure Knight(It would've been AWESOME To Go on a Quest with Treasure Knight to Plunder ALL the Treasure he could get, and See How the Game Over Screen would've looked like, as when He has loses ALL His Illgotten Masses of Loot, He Declares a Game Over)

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