What's the logic of region locking mobile games?

Intellectual Property rights and distribution agreements is what provokes this. I don't know if you have experienced this, but when a major sporting event is going on (i.e. the Olympics or the Football World Cup) and you search online a way of watching it, if you enter to some webpage of a certain country and you are in another, you won't be able to watch it from said page, as they don't have the rights to distribute it in your region. This is because IP rights are territorial, so people who is interested in purchasing the rights to distribution, will only do so for the region they might find profitable and for those regions that are not taken.
The internet seems like it doesn't have boundaries, but it does. What would stop people from buying their games from a different country and just skip the rules and regulations from their own country.
Who knows how the guys at Nintendo think? I honestly don't get the reason behind region locking mobile games. I agree with NormaD that it might be to control region support. Then again, it could be that the tax laws are behind it. No way to know for sure.

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