What's the verdict on the King games other than Candy Crush?


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Jan 29, 2014
Has anyone played any of these other games?

Papa Pear
Pet Rescue Saga
Bubble Witch Saga
Farm Heroes Saga

I've been seeing a ton of commercials in primetime on these games. Seems like King is shelling out the big bucks to promote them. No one I know has given any of these a try yet I was hoping someone here has and can let me know if any of them are worth my time. The only one that looked pretty cool to me was the Papa Pear but they all seem to have vast similarities.
I've played all of them, and they all suck!!!
lol Whoa! That sucks for them. Am I right in assuming they are pretty much clones of each other? I have yet to really look into them. My interest was kind of waning.
They're all clones of different games, just like Candy Crush is a clone of Bejeweled. For example, Bubble Witch Saga is a rip-off of Bust-a-Move/Puzzle Bobble.

I only got tricked into playing them because they were handing out free items in Candy Crush to people who signed up for the newer games. -_-
I like mind-games, but they get annoying and boring after a while.
You can see in Candy Crush that the developers have programmed it in a way that makes you pay for extra moves etc.

Also, what admin said. King games are clones of other games so I dislike then even more.
I honestly don't like King, they represent everything that is wrong with the mobile gaming industry. The only thing that they are good at is marketing and developing polished games. However, none of their games are genuinely good. They just appeal to the lowest common denominator, sort of like the junk food store down the road that doesn't sell anything with nutritional value.
I was addicted to Candy Crush for quite a while and later I only tried Pet Rescue Saga and I didn't like it much. Later I gave up on them because I spent way too much time and they seemed to make them just for people to be frustrated and pay for lives and extras instead of actually having some fun.
I didn't know they made anything other than Candy Crush... lol, time to go on some searching.
I agree with the sentiment here. They did something right though since they were purchased for 5.9 billion by Activision Blizzard.
All the other games (or at least the one I tried and I know they have another called Candy Crush Soda or something?) are extremely similar to Candy Crush though, so if you don't know them you're not missing much lol
They are all just like skin packs for Candy Crush. So i rate them Shameless Money grabs out of 10