What's your favorite controller of all time?


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Aug 1, 2015
Out of all of the consoles you've ever played, which has your favorite controller?
Mine are these three:




All three have things about them I prefer over the two, and things I don't like as much as the other two. However, these three as a whole are my favorite controllers of all time.
The Wii U classic controller is excellent and it's also one of my favorite controllers. Another favorite of mine is the Sega Saturn controller because it simply has the best d-pad of all time. The system is better known for it's library of insane Japanese 2D games and Sega designed the perfect controller for these. It shares many similarities to the Japanese Sega Mega Drive controller, only slightly more refined.

I know it is nearly what everyone says out there, but the GC controller is my fave, followed by the Wii U Pro Controller:

@Y0shiM0n The gamecube is my favorite video game console of all time. It was the one I grew up playing the most and my second and third favorite video games of all time are present on console and when I was younger, the gamecube controller was my favorite controller of all time as well. That being said in recent years my opinion on it has changed quite a bit, it's no longer one of my favorite controllers and now is one that I feel works for the system and don't mind using, but it it is far from my favorite. However, personally the only other Nintendo controller besides the Wii U Pro Controller that I feel is a good controller to me is the Wii Classic Controller Pro:

...and even that has some major flaws such as non clicking analog sticks and no triggers (though the Wii U Pro Controller doesn't have triggers either). I can appreciate the Wii Remote for when playing 2D games, and when motion control is done right such as with Metroid Prime, however as a whole it tended to ruin more games than not for me.
The Xbox 360 controller, in my opinion, is the best controller of all time. Everything from the weight, the feel, the size and the position of the buttons are just absolutely spot on for me. It took everything wrong from the original Xbox and made it better. There's a reason why it's become the one controller everyone rips off.

I'd like to give a special mention to the Super Nintendo controller too, as before the X360, that was definitely my favourite.

My least favourite controller was the SEGA Genesis controller; the buttons were angled wrong in my opinion and would have been better if all three buttons would have been aligned under your thumb.
@Hyrule Chicken The problem with what you said is that it's just an objective fact that the Xbox 360 controller is the greatest ever made, and not simply an opinion :)

But yeah I can't include the NES and SNES controllers on a scale/list because they worked perfect for their time and they can't be measured by today's standards. I also like using the wii remote turned sideways for 2D platformer games as well.
@GunGunW hahaha, you're right, but I don't pretend to speak for everyone. Someone who only gamed in the 80s and went from Atari's joystick to the NES one may feel that the Nintendo controller with four buttons (A, B, Start, Select) was the best one because it's elegantly simple. I know for a fact that if I ask my parents which controller is their favourite, they most certainly won't pick the Xbox 360 one. ;)
@Hyrule Chicken Like I said for retro style games they're perfect. I actually prefer using controllers like that when playing games that simulate that era. However, those controllers obviously don't have enough buttons to play many modern games either.
I liked the Gamecube controller. I really think Nintendo should've gone with an updated wavebird instead of the Pro controller.

Oh well, maybe for the NX.
My brother's favorite is the N64 controller. Don't ask me why. He hasn't tried the Elite controller yet though.

I will let people know what he thinks of it.
i really dig the wii u pro controller. its comfortable and has a 40 hour rechargeable battery. I won many races and saved many princesses with it.
A huge factor that plays into a person's love for a console is the controller. It's been an ongoing debate I've heard, numerous times. This is almost always the deciding factor for the "best console" debate. I often hear people use the controller argument when it comes to debating if PC or consoles are better. People tend to love their console controllers.

A controller should be comfortable, but also functional. There are tons of factors playing into what makes a controller the best- though everyone's opinions are different.

Regardless of what console it is, what is your favorite controller?
The GameCube controller for sure. It just seems to fit really comfortably into my hands. The buttons also seem to be in the perfect places. The Xbox and PS controllers have all of their buttons in a cross pattern which I find a bit uncomfortable to use (Also the GC controller's buttons are all different, so you know what button you are pressing just by the feel of it), though it may just be me being used to using the GC controller.
Another vote for the GameCube controller. I really wished that the Wii u used an updated Wavebird instead of the Pro controller.

It will always forever and ever be my jam.

The XBox One Elite controller for sure.

I've never used the Elite model but I do really like the standard Xbox One controller.

No real order.

The Wii U Pro is definitely my favorite non Xbox controller. The thing is near perfection.
If you are throwing PC into the mix of controllers- my answer will always be keyboard and mouse. I am familiar with my computer and know it like the back of my hand. I find that I have more control over what's going on in a game with my mouse and keyboard.

If I had to choose an actual console controller, I think I'd have to go with the N64 controller. Like your brother, I really enjoy it. It might be due to growing up playing Nintendo 64 and just feeling comfortable with the controller, but I never had any complaints about it. I always found that the N64 controller was super comfortable to hold and easy to play with. The buttons weren't in odd places and were super easy to access. :)
Well I would give a lot of thought that having the Nintendo 64 controller be my number one, but I do have to go with the X-Box 360 as my all time favorite, and just for the mere fact that it works so well with NHL and I am really good with it. Actually I like the controller more in general and for other games, but I always like to brag about the one game I am good at whenever I get the chance. The Nintendo 64 certainly wins among Nintendo machines, though.
360 just foe being a 100% normal old controller but being so darn comfy!!

PS4 for the same reasons as 360 plus a little touch pad thing WOOO

Wii U gamepad because a big old touch screen. But it is kinda big.. But meh still cool.

GC controller. There is a reason people play Ssb4 with that controller still. It is perfect for smash because of the button layout but pretty good for all games.

When it comes to old 8 and 16 bit controllers i like the SNES. Better D-pad then the Genesis/megadrive and they made shoulder buttons instead of just putting 3 extra buttons.

I probably made some bad grammar mistakes cause i wrote this in like 5 mins on a phone.