What's your favorite DS title?

My favorite DS game... no contest super mario 64 DS. The only other title even slightly close was super mario hoops 3 on 3.
All the Pokémon games(include Mystery dungeon), Mario RPGs, Mario Kart, aaaand Super Mario 64 DS. Oh, and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, too :^D
Mario Kart DS but while I was playing through the story, Mario 64 DS
It's hard to come up with 1 single favourite so Imma have 2:

The World Ends With You:
I really loved how customisable the battle system was in this game, it really is the most innovative JRPG I've ever played. I really liked how you don't just have to level up to beat difficult enemies, you can beat literally everything at level 1 if you wanted to, all your stats are in your equipment.

Really just an incredible game, can't wait for the new one this year.

999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors.

999 was the first visual novel I played all the way through (mostly because it wasn't a dating simulator like all other VNs are), the escape rooms were so well done and some were very tough, I liked most of the characters and they all had some interesting backstory, the whole setting of the game was also great, It's an escape room game on the Gigantic (a sister ship of the Titanic), I really loved the creepiness of some of the rooms.

I really can't decide between these 2 games, they are equally as great and memorable, but if I absolutely had to pick one, it'd be TWEWY just because it has more content.
Sonic Classic Collection, Mario Kart DS, and Yoshi's Island DS are some of my favorites!
Pokemon Diamond,Platinum,Black & White,Black 2,Heart Gold & Soul Silver

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