What's your favorite racing game? Old or new


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Jul 30, 2016
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I would have to say mines is Need For Speed Underground 2 for the PS2, it is the best because I love the open world, and the game play is so smooth. I have played many others, I think Split/Second on the PS3 would be my second.
No real order.
Top Gear 2
Top Gear Overdrive
Super Mario Kart
Mario kart 64
Daytona USA
Crazy Taxi
Project Gotham Racing
Sonic & SEGA All Stars racing transformed
F-Zero GX, Forza Motorsport 5, Forza Horizon and Mario Kart Wii.
Well I would probably just go simple and say Mario Kart 64 too. It was just a classic, and of all of the others that I might consider I played this one a whole lot more. Other ones that I might throw in there would be the Forza games, and if you wanted to go a different route Wave Race. Remember that one? I actually liked it a lot.
All of the Mario Kart games are a blast to play. I played DD all of the time when I was a little kid and then moved to Mario Kart Wii when we got a Wii. Now I love MK8. But all three of those games are amazing. MK8 and DD are my favorites out of the three.
I personally think that the best racing game for me has been GranTurismo, the PSone version, I think that wasthe first version that ever came out, I really liked it a lot, it definitely was one of my favorite games, indeed.
It has to be Gran Turismo and Need for Speed. It's hard to get bored with them especially with Need for Speed since there are so many of them, you will always find something that will suit your mood, it doesn't really matter what it is.
Number one is definitely F-Zero GX. Second would be Mario Kart Double Dash.

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