What's your Progress in BotW?


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Dec 23, 2016
Hey guys, I'm back!

Back on topic... where are you up to in Breath of the Wild? how many divine beasts, shrines cleared, korok seeds, hearts, weapons, gear, et cetera do you have?

Personally, I have freed all four divine beasts. I have cleared 106 shrines (24 more to go!) & over 110 korok seeds. I have 21 hearts and 3 full stamina wheels. I have the whole barbarian outfit, rubber outfit, zora outfit, desert voe outfit, climbing outfit, ancient outfit (except for the helm), sheikah outfit, and a few more i dont remember. I have found all 4 great fairies and have the giant horse and the descendant of Zelda's horse. I have relinquished 11 of the memories.

I still have to destroy Ganon, and most of the stuff I'm missing is from Hyrule Castle. I'm just clearing a few side-quests before going in.
I've done the following.

Main Quest - Completed
Side Quests - Completed
Shrines- 120/120
Korok Seeds 130/900

I can't be bothered to collect all the Korok Seeds.
um, well, i got to touch a copy at Gamestop last weekend. Wii u version. Supposed to get it for my birthday


i cannot wait!
No clue to be honest, I've just been playing. The things that I've completed from the top of my head are as follows: Moving on from the Great Plateau, 11/12 of Memories found, and lastly defeating the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. Nice to know not knowing exactly where I'm at in the game. :)
After defeating Ganon, you get a % completion rate on the map screen. Mine was 33.3%, all shrines, main quests, side quests and just over 200 seeds.
I got my hearts, maxed out, I got the second stamina wheel, I got all four divine beasts, and I got the Fierce Diety Armor leveled up to three stars. I'm going to tackle Hyrule Castle this weekend.
I just got the game today... with the season pass. The update is halfway done downloading so that's my progress, lol.
Update: yay, we finally got it! I watched my daughter play for about an hour. Didn't do a whole bunch because we are both just awestruck. Its as amazing as people have said. I swore to finish Metroid Prime before i played, but i think that idea is scrapped. Cant wait to get into it
Hey, whats the DLC about? Im just getting started, but between my daughter and I, we absolutely cannot get enough. Especially after taming wild horses. Thats about where we're at:Dueling Peaks/Kakariko area.

Maybe we should set up a tips thread. The game is huge
Alright gang, just wanted to give a final thought on BOTW. I finished up with all the shrines and armor. I didn't upgrade everything but enough to be satisfied. I got 331 Korok seeds, and all the memories. This game was an epic stunner that i give 10/10. Beautiful story, beautiful graphics, and just a wonderful good time.
When I finish the main story quest line and it shows me my progress, will it tell me how many Korok Seeds that I have left in each region? Or does it just give me the lump sum (X/900)?
I know I’m late to the party, but got the game in November and just got the 100% in the lower left! All korok seeds, shrines, locations, and gear as far as I know. Gonna take a little break and then come back fresh and finish sections 2 & 3 of the sword side quest. First one was a breeze but I know the other two are tough. I also need to kill all the hinox and the stone guys. Something to bring me back.
Awesome! I've really been itching to play again. Really really. I don't have all the Korok seeds, and gave up on Master Sword trials 2 and 3. I was gonna have a heart attack.
Plus you fight that Lynel thing at the end of the 3rd section. No divine beast powers...dannnnng!

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