When Nintendo releases a new channel, how far in advance do they tell consumers?


Dec 2, 2013
I like using Wii U channels, but I am dissapointed in how few channels there are. I am not really sure why there aren't more. Do people not use the channels? Anyway, I have not seen a new channel come out in awhile, unless I missed it.

Do you think there is going to be a new Wii Channel in early 2014? If they do decide to release a new channel, how much notice do we get? And, how do they inform us. Does Nintendo let out a press release with that kind of information?
It's usually within a week or two most likely but I'm not absolutely sure on that. I'm thinking there might be though.
Nintendo should definetly try to expand their internet service. I found the Wii somewhat lacking in certain areas, though the classic game downloads were great.
I would have thought the best time to add new channels would have been when they were getting rid of channels last year? That would have helped them with publicity a tad. I think exploring channels would be a good idea for people who already enjoy Wii, but it seems like Nintendo has bigger fish to fry. I do not see channels bringing people back to Wii or Wii U. That has to be their focus at this point.
I don't think they need any help bringing people to the Wii. They certainly need help getting people to the Wii U however, I'll agree on that.

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