When you bought a 64 what was the competitor?


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Jan 29, 2014
I know when I got my 64 it was a PS that challenged it. The titles made the choice for me. I suppose it also kind of lured me because of the multiplayer options, I seemed to skip the SNES but what I did play always lured me back.

What competitor challenged your purchase?
Well, the main competitor was the original Sony Playstation during the time of Nintendo 64's release. So it would have been the same for each person. Although Sony was a much popular brand, my family were die-hard Nintendo fans and had always owned Nintendo consoles since they first came out. So we chose the Nintendo 64 over the Playstation, however, years later we did buy the Sony Playstation 2 because there were some games such as Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 that were well-wanted game titles. But even so, we also got the Nintendo GameCube. So there wasn't much competition against the Nintendo in my household.
I was a major Nintendo fanboy in my youth and wasn't enticed by Sega or any of the competitors at all... until it came down to the choice between the N64 and the Sony PlayStation, and the likes of Final Fantasy VII and Residential Evil enticed my to actually choose the latter at the time! I eventually caught myself up on the numerous N64 games I missed, several years later alas.
I was a sega fan and I bought the Sega Saturn when it was $100 dollars more then the Playstation. I played moslty 2D games so the Saturn was good for that. But I did borrow my friends N64 and it was great. Mario Golf and Diddy Kong Racing was fun as hell. You know what, I think I'm going to buy a used system and start collecting games. It was so much fun, hell with the better graphics.
It was between the 64 and PS1, since we already had a Sega 16bit/32 bit/SNES/NES, so the next step was when SONY was competing with them, and they released the 64 I got one and my brother got the PS1. We'd exchange systems from time to time with game libraries and such, but I think I got the much better deal with the 64. Granted, there are a wealth of fantastic RPGS/Platformers for the PS1 as well, but I think since it was the first system that was "Mine" by rights of gift, I treated it like my baby.
We had the N64 for a year, maybe year and a half, when all of a sudden my father came in with the original PlayStation. I'd never even heard of it, unlike the Sega consoles.
We loved it and made great use of it, and we liked that it had "different" games (like Resident Evil 2 at the moment, or Metal Gear Solid), but to be honest I was too much of a Nintendo fanboy, so when our PS died (after a year or two) I was sad and missing many of my games (we had more; they were cheaper) but didn't miss it too much. The N64 more than made up for our gaming needs.
I had already bought a Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation before purchasing a Nintendo 64. This was an incredibly exciting time for the games industry and gamers alike. It was actually worth owning all 3 consoles as they all enjoyed compelling exclusives.

The Nintendo 64 was the console to get for Nintendo's first party franchises and for multiplayer games. Sony's PlayStation was the ideal console for the big third party titles and jrpgs. And finally, the Sega Saturn was known for it's 2D capabilities and a great machine for arcade conversions of Capcom & SNK titles together with many other hot 2D imports from Japan.

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