Where do 2DS screenshots go?


Dec 27, 2017
Nintendo 2DS
Hey guys, I just got the 2DS Link Edition for Christmas from my wife and kids. I've been enjoying playing Zelda OoT on it, but I tried to use the screenshot function last night and I can't figure out where the heck the screenshots go?? I assume it worked because I got a notification saying I could share them on social media. Anyone able to tell me how to view them and/or get them off the device? Everything I find online says that the 2DS can't do screenshots, but I clearly can.
To be honest, I didn't even know either could do screenshots. With that being said, the new 2DS with the flip screen is more like a 3DS setup, so maybe try searching for how to do it on a 3DS and maybe the new 2DS had a firmware update that makes it more like the 3DS...minus the crappy 3D lol.
I'm not sure, But I think that the screenshots go to the New 2DS micro SD card that is in the system. I don't own a New 2DS. But if I'm able to get one. I'll let you know.
Well I did find where I can access it and it's through the image share software, however the screenshots only work on the home screen or a few compatible games apparently.

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