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Mar 4, 2017
[..East Coast, USA..]
My boyfriend's birthday is coming up in a few weeks. I grew up playing the NES but he didn't, and these days, he has a renewed interest in classic consoles. He hinted that he wanted the $60 NES Classic, the modern plug-and-play dealie with a bunch of built-in games. By the time I looked for it, it seemed to have been sold out and I can only find the basic box starting at $175. I wouldn't mind, but the reviews leave me feeling like it would be better to just guide him to Emulator Zone for an overall better experience.

I'd rather put my money towards an authentic NES, some cartridges, and if I can find them, the original accessories I had and loved, like the Power Glove, guns, and floor mat. Our local game shops are garbage (for the most part), and I can't get out without him knowing what I'm up to (we live together and only have one vehicle, and on his days off, we spend all of our time together). I hate shopping online, because sponsored ads clog up the results and lead me around in circles. I also took the last twenty years of my life away from televisions, so I have no idea if a classic console would even be compatible with our setup. I don't know what extra hardware we would need. (Sad fact: I couldn't even turn the thing on if I wanted to.)

Can anyone recommend a reliable online dealer for Nintendo stuff? I'd prefer new, but refurbished with a warranty and replacement plan is also fine. I want to get a console, two classic controllers, two guns, and I'd like to see a large catalogue of game cartridges, so I could grab about ten to start him off with. I am not opposed to spending money as long as I'm getting quality products that are worth the investment.
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Try ebay,amazon, or JJgames.com. you can find a original NES on those sites or you can try dkoldies.com.

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