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Professor E. Gadd

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Oct 15, 2012
Wii U
I want to buy the first Wii model (RVL-001) which had the GameCube controller ports and memory card slots. I haven't had any luck finding stores that carry them brand new. I've seen a bunch of used Wiis at Gamestop but really really prefer a new system because I don't want to have laser problems etc.

Still can't believe Nintendo made the new Wiis not backwards compatible. I miss playing my GameCube games and my Wavebird, and getting the original Wii model is the best way to start playing all my GameCube games again.
Try ebay. That's pretty much you're only bet as of now to get the old models.
I had this model but gave it to my nephew. Had I known you were looking for it sooner I would've sold you mine. It was also modded with the homebrew channel.
Walmart might have them on sale for $99 dollars right now - but they may not have the ports. If you ask the desk folk, they'll probably be able to help you. Just a thought and somewhat a shot in the dark.
My tip would be to go to larger stores that don't sell games that often. If you are lucky they might still have some of the older models sitting on the shelves. I don't think Nintendo makes them anymore so if you are unlucky you might have to use Ebay. But I really hate buying anything "used" when it comes to games etc.
Yeah, at my stores they have wii bundles really cheap. Instead with these consoles there is no Gamecube slot or memeory card. That's why it's so cheap. You'll be able to find some online if you look. You just have to be specific in your search. Plenty of fools out there that have the Wii-U and are selling it cheap, just because they have a Wii-U. Hope you find something. :)
You may have issues finding them brand new, but you could potentially get them "nearly new"....like people who bought them but only played them a few times. Keep an eye out on Craigslist and Ebay and look for the term "nearly new" before asking them more questions. It's worth the hunt.
If you are looking for a new original nintendo wii system you can find them in ebay. I would also look through the game listings on Craigslist for a new one as well. One other website that might be worth checking to see if they have them is called ubid.
If you're trying to buy a new one, it might be a little tricky finding one. But, if you settle for a used one, then yes, eBay is your place. There are tons of used Wii's of the first gen there, you can get them for 50 - 70 dollars depending on how many accessories they sell them with.
Good luck finding one. It's going to be really difficult to find a new old Nintendo Wii. What makes you think you would find one brand new anyway. It's so old now and Nintendo probably scraped the parts etc. But there is always ebay so have a look there.
That's definitely the best version of the Wii, I'm glad I've kept mine. Plenty of these are available at local charity shops in my area but most of them are badly abused. I wouldn't want to pick up a used system either as it will most likely have issues. I've checked around at the online game stores that I purchase games and consoles from and the original US Wii is sold out everywhere. It's probably best to look on eBay and hopefully find one that is near mint condition.
I had no clue that they released another version of the Wii without the GameCube controller ports and memory card slots. That's good to know, maybe my Wii is worth a little bit more now thanks to that, lol. :D

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