Which 3 modern games would you love to convert to NES?


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Jan 23, 2014
Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina
We all loved the NES. It was and still is a great old-school console.
However, gaming has evolved beyond any 90s kid's imagination, and now we have amazing games on all consoles, and on PCs.

Now, if you own a NES, you surely have reached a moment in life where you thought "damn, I wish had a NES version". Many people wish there was a NES version of Final Fantasy 7 or Fallout.

Now I'm asking you!
Tell me three modern-age videogames that you would love to see a NES version of! :D

My no. 1 would be Final Fantasy 7
2. Need For Speed Most Wanted
3. Psychonauts

Choose wisely! :D
Metal Gear Rising, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Final Fantasy XI Online.

MGR would be even more hilarious then it already is.
Deus Ex would be.. weird..
and FFXI would be like playing FF3 except online with a much bigger world.
I'm going to throw it back a few years and say Bully. I think that one could have easily been translated to an NES. Also, I think they could have easily altered it in ways that would make it quite entertaining. That and Mario Kart. Would have given Rad Racer a run for its money.
How about this for a NES game. A Clockwork Orange for the NES based on the movie.

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