Which brick-&-mortar store did YOU used to buy 64 games from?


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Jan 29, 2014
Oh, how the mighty have fallen: Hollywood Video, FuncoLand, Blockbuster. But which was your preferred place to purchase Nintendo 64 games? I was always partial to Funcoland. They always lured me in with their sales ads:

Also loved the way the company seemed to have a use for every colour of the rainbow. But the BEST aspect had to be the price sheet made to look like you were adult trading in the stock market for some reason:
My preferred store out of those three would be Hollywood Video, my mother used to help run one so we got the games cheap. I really miss The Electronics Boutique..oh days gone by. If I had to choose a more recent upcoming store would be "The Exchange" they have pretty good specials out there on a bunch of retro systems and accessories. They also accept trade-ins which is always a plus.
That's pretty much it too, Pride. I used to have a parent who ran a video store too, HollyWood Videos.

Got my first systems from their "Rent" option from SNES+ (I was bought the Original NES for a Gift)

They had a fair selection of games too, and the ability to rent all the consoles or extra controllers too if you didn't want to buy them was an option way ahead of it's time. Like the Sega-Channel.