Which character do you want to see in future Smash Bros games?


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Sep 16, 2014
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I am back from vacation everyone! Now here is a question: Which Character do you Want to See in the Future of Smash Bros.? Mine would have to be Tails the Fox. I hoped he was going to be in Smash 4, but was disappointed.


Tell me in the comments!
Since she got her second game funded by Nintendo, I wouldn't mind seeing Bayonetta in DLC of Smash. I say it would differently be a switch up of things. After all, if Snake can end up in the game's lineup, why can't that gorgeous Umbra witch? Now, as far as the moves go for her, I think it should be a little bit of everyone from her weapons in the first and second one. You can use the different weapons depending on the version of her you have from Bayonetta 1 or 2. You think someone would enjoy playing with her?
I would like to see Roy from smash bros. brawl make a comeback. His attacks were awesome and he was a good overall character that could handle any map well.
suddenly Tiz, Ringabel, Edea and Agnes come to mind. Let's get a goomba one day please. Oh yeah, and DAISY!!!
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