Which Chrono Trigger team did you use?


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
And why?

My personal favorite was Chrono, Magus, and Frog. Sometimes I would cycle any of the three out for Luka or Robo depending on the situation at hand. I loved them fore Luminaire, Dark Matter, and Spire/Sword Stream (Double Techs) nearly overpower any situation in the game.

How about you guys?
I don't know why but I could never bring myself to like Magus the way a lot of people did. He is a useful character and I have done plenty of runs where I used him because his techs were awesome but I'll always see him as a villian. My favorite team is similar to yours just swapping Ayla in place of Magus. Frog and Ayla's Slurp Kiss was really useful to heal against bosses when you didn't have a lot of items. Also, Crono has some great dual techs he can use with both of them that don't use as much MP as a lot of other dual techs.
Been awhile since I played it, but I'm sure my team was Chrono, Luka and the frog. I know I spent a lot of time leveling them all up so they pretty great to use, this was such a fun game I didn't mind doing some grinding.
@AudaciouslyAwkward I know what you mean with the other techs being handy and the heal coming into play when items are low.

However, the reason I had Magus in my team is exactly BECAUSE he was a Villain. I always love to play with the dark or optional side characters. (I'm looking at you, Albel the Wicked from Star Ocean: Til the End of Time!)

If there's an option, I just can't help but try it.
Chrono, Frog, and Magus is also one of my preferred teams, as is Chrono, Lucca, and Robo. (I like to refer to the former as "Team Fantasy" and the latter as "Team Sci-Fi!")

More generally though, I actually prefer to rotate the characters throughout the game both for variety's sake and also make sure that none of the combinations are particularly underdeveloped. (Moreover, I try to make the characters used fit the particular plot points and setting of that portion of the game's story.) I tend to prefer generalization and versatility over specialization, at least within my game-play.
I am like you now, Aboleth. I used to be "Favors one type" of party, but I learned from many RPGS (for example, like FF7 and Aeris's Death) to not just specialize one character. (Also like Chrono :D) Growing up, I was in the mindset "He's my fighter, he gets the best melee stuff." "She's my caster or healer, I have to max her out."

Now it's "I just have to swap them all in give them experience."

Team FANTASY for the win, though.
My favorite team is Magus, Ayla and Frog. I have Magus cast Dark Matter until Ayla and Frog start taking damage, and then have him heal with healing items just strong enough to prevent the risk of death while Frog and Ayla use their minus strike techs (Frog Squash and Dino Tail) to cause some serious damage.

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