Which DS game uses the least amount of stylus?


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Jan 29, 2014
I've noticed some games aggressively use the stylus option & that's great but I tend to feel Nintendo has chosen to use the stylus gaming as a default. I'm coming from a place as a player where I felt like certain games utilized & others abused the Wii functions. I feel the same about DS games.

Which DS games overuse their stylus options?
This kind of depends on what you'd call "overused". I think the game that used the stylus the most was "The World ends with you", which, if I remember correctly, required stylus input for ~95% of the game. While that's quite much I wouldn't necessarily consider it "overusing", since it gave the game a great feeling and made the fights a lot more exciting to play.
Unfortunately, most games require heavy use of a stylus. You could try out the pokemon series, they usually do not have too much stylus work.
I'm fine with using the stylus. That's not really the issue. I guess by 'overuse' I mean unnecessary usage. Like they added the stylus to the game because it was a part of the system & did not really need to be a part of the game.
Definitely most action and shooting games use the least amount of stylus. Contra 4, which is a favorite of mine doesn't need the stylus at all. In fact, it would be a hindrance as I can't see how anyone can play a Contra title with the stylus. You can still use it during the menu but even that is pointless when normal button inputs will suffice. It's also inconvenient because once you start playing the game, you'll have to quickly put the stylus back in it's place.
I swear 100% that all games have atleast implemented the stylus atleast once.