Which Game Would Be the Best to Port?

Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
Super NES
I was thinking of the conversation I had on this board about porting FF7 to a modile device. For those of you that like to play mobile games, which game would you consider the most suited for porting? I would think any intense action game would be out; due to control limitations. I could be wrong; however, because I havn't seen any of the new phones on the market.
Dr. Mario and Mario Kart mobile would be sweet ^_^

Even though I'm not much of a mobile-gamer, I wouldn't mind playing Mario RPG on my phone if the battle system was turn-based.

Lola/Wet from MS DOS, an adult point and click game... Nice... :rolleyes:
I would think turn based games would be easier to play on the phone. An all out action game might be hard to control.
I had a Sony Ericsson K800i phone and I remember an awesome Zelda remake for J2ME phones.
I don't know if the guy ever finished it, but it was really nice :)

It wasn't turn based, it was just like the first Zelda game :)
I would love to have Yoshi for NES on my phone. That would be immensely easy to play even on a phone from the 90's. Does anyone know if this has ever been a mobile game? They usually tweek them a bit but I don't recall ever seeing it for this title.
Unfortunately there was never an official Yoshi game for mobile phones. Maybe you could find an unofficial project on google, but I don't think (if one exists) that it would be good because if it were good it would've been popular by now.

Another option is to use a SNES emulator on your Android or iPhone and play the game that way :)
Would have to be an NES emulator but I try not to use emulators. I'm not so on board with the logic that a game would be popular by now if it were inherently good. I can think of quite a few games that were not popular in the heyday of the console itself. For some games it took quite a few years for people to catch on.

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