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Apr 20, 2018
Just beat Zelda and am looking for what game to get next. I mainly play single player and am looking for a good game that i can spend a lot of time on. I currently have 100hrs plus in zelda. thanks for answering.
Have a switch and xbox one but need a game for the switch cause i need s mobile game to take with me to work
ok, well im very early into my Switch and pretty much all i have is Odyssey, Monopoly and Billiards. Odyssey has a TON of stuff to collect after the main story. Kind of like the koroks in a way. If you like a 3d Mario id check it out. Monopoly is slow of course, and Billiards is all but mindless. Hope this helps
If you do get mario odyssey your have to remember not to just go for the moons. You want to mess around as much as you can. If your just going for the moons you will get them all pretty quick and then there isn't really much else to do in the game! I only got like 60 hours out of it before I was stuck trying to find something to do.
Is xenoblade chronicles 2 worth geting over mario odyssey?
i honestly couldn't say, but i do really want that game. Looks awesome and like something i would like after BOTW
let me know about Xenoblade! It looks awesome. Splatoon will be fun no doubt too
Yeah! Splatoon is great! I got my first hundred hours out of it within a few weeks of getting it! It is a bit like fortnight though, in the way that there are always in every battle the starters who are dragging the team down and the people who play way too much (me) who you can never deal with.
I doubt you'll be disappointed with Xenoblade. Great game. I'm going through it right now myself and that's the game I would've recommended. Well, Xenoblade or Mario Odyssey.
@dustinb12 been playing xenoblade for a little bit now. Think i have between 14-18 hrs into it and it is a good game. Sometimes a bit hard to find where you are supposed to go and it is a grinder. You will be facing the same monsters multiple times but so far its a good game. The side quests so far are easier to tell what to do to complete them than in BOTW.
Ok so i know im late but wow Xenoblade 2 is awesome. I didn't think id like this kind of game, with the cutscenes and all but i do. It's like playing a cartoon in a way. Still trying to learn what all the stats and upgrades mean but it is ridiculously addictive. Every time im ready to shut down, something levels up and boom i gotta try it out. Thanks Santa!
xenoblade is an excellent one. A pure happiness. The gameplay (including the new combat system), the design, the characters, the story, everything is perfect.

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