Which is better - No More Heroes 1 or 2?

Damien Lee

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Jun 17, 2015
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Grasshopper Manufacture is one of my favorite game developers. Purveyors of cool, cult games that get the blood pumping while providing plenty of WTF moments. ;)

No More Heroes made a splash early in the Wii's life cycle and it was well received. The main protagonist, Travis Touchdown is the perfect anti-hero for this violent and crazy adventure. The waggle controls were well-implemented and there were some humorous though dirty moments here.

A sequel followed soon after. Treading mostly similar ground with a few improvements in some areas, slightly better graphics, an extra playable character and more insane bosses. Unfortunately, the open-world, sandbox map was replaced with a menu system that ruined the experience somewhat.

Personally I loved the first No More Heroes so much, that I also bought the HD release for the PS3. No More Heroes 2 isn't bad either but lacks some of the magic of the first one.

What are your thoughts - which No More Heroes do you prefer the most?
While I initially liked the open-world of the first game, it eventually began to become a chore to get around. No More Heroes 2 aimed to streamline the great experience into something that felt less like work and more like a film. Even yet, both games are great in their own right.

Not only are they fun to play and have an epic storyline, the dialogue is both funny and witty. There are tons of obscure references and homages to many great films and games of past.

I feel this series went sorely underrated. I mean, everybody that I know who has played them love it. But sadly not many people fit into that category.

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