Which is your favorite Mario Party game?


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Apr 9, 2014
Over the years there has been lots of releases of Mario party games and there have been some that I have loved and there have been some that I really didn't like too much. Of all the Mario party games that I have had the chance to play I will tell you that the best Mario party games that have had the opportunity to play have to be the ones that were on the N64. That was Mario Party 1 2 and 3. I really enjoyed those I will tell you that I like the ones that are coming out these days, but those are the ones that stole my heart from day one.

Which games out of the Mario party series that you guys seem to enjoy the most?
all the ones i've played, i've enjoyed. The one that stood out to me was 9. I had a blast with the family, busting up bosses. I felt it was very fresh, and the mini games were fun.

I'm really excited about 10
The N64 ones are definitely the best but I'd have to say 3 is my all time favorite. It's one of the only games that I liked everything about it, not just one thing.
It's between Mario Party 2 and 3. Me and my friends STILL play those whenever we hang out.
3 is my favorite
Mario Party 3 for N64 is one of my favorite Mario party games I like to play so much competitions in it and when you think that your about to win and bam you went in last place.
Mario party 5 is my favorite. My friend and I used to play it after school.
Mario Party 5 and 6 are both equal in my book. I've spent hours playing both of these all the time. I was in love with them.
Mario party 7 is my all time favourite Mario party. I have spent so many hours with my friends playing that game on the wii, it is a miracle we are still friends today!
My favorite has got to be Mario Party DS. The game just felt like it was meant to be played on a touchscreen. It felt much more responsive and streamlined than Mario Party 8 for the Wii, which got frustrating when the game didn't pick up my actions as precisely as I wanted it to. With Mario Party DS, the game responded exactly as I wanted it to, so I never ended a minigame feeling like I was cheated out of first place or had to overdo my actions.
I still enjoy a good game of Mario Party on the N64 - those games never get old. After the N64 though I found that the Mario Party games took a weird turn, especially with the orb concept. I wish they developed more items but kept the original method of using them.

Out of the 3 Mario Party games released for the N64, Mario Party 3 remains my all time favorite simply because of the battle games. When you're only two players, or when you want to fight instead of searching for stars there is nothing better than grabbing your favorite character and dueling with your buddy!
Makes me want to play now!
5 is my absolute favorite mainly because of the battle kart mini game. However, 1 is probably 2nd to me followed by maybe 2. I only played 3 once in a hotel room we were staying at for my cousin's wedding. 4 stands out to me, but 6 and 7 run together. 8 was underrated and was actually pretty good, and I didn't play 9. Advance was different and pretty cool, DS was okay for what it was and finally 10 is okay and nothing more. I haven't played Island Tour.
This one is easy for me to answer since I've ever only played Mario Party, meaning the original one for the Nintendo 64. I never picked up any of the sequels, not because I didn't enjoy it (I did) but there was always a game that seemed better at the time. I think I may have to change that now that I see everyone's favourites. :)
I enjoyed 4 more when it came to gameplay but I liked the minigames of 5 more.
5 is just a way too slow experience for me. Not hating it.
I feel like they peaked with the GameCube (4, 5, 6, 7) and have gone down hill ever since . I say this as someone who liked 8, mind you. I really liked 1 and 2 as well on the N64.
My Favorite Is Mario Party 8; the last GOOD Mario Party game; BEFORE IT WAS RUINED BY CARS STARTING WITH MARIO PARTY 9!!

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