Which Metroid character would win the Squid Game?

Nate the Great

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Feb 29, 2024
I want to know the question. For Metroid fans, I wanna see what a character has in order to see if they win this or not. A few ground rules:
1. Each character entering the game is completely unarmed. That means no weapons, powers, upgrades, allies, breath attacks, or flying. To keep things fair and balanced. Any characters too small will get a size boost and characters that are too big will be shrunken down to a more reasonable size, to keep things as fair as possible.
2. Only focus on the games. Any outsides sources will not count.
3. Any players will be human, or at least human like. Meaning any creatures with different forms will be in their human like forms.
Alright! Here are the players I wish luck in this Squid Game:
1. Baby Metroid
2. Samus Aran
3. Noxus
4. Quiet Robe
5. Anthony Higgs
6. Fleet Admiral Castor Dane
7. Spire
8. Commander Adam Malkovich
9. Sylux
10. Weavel
11. Trace
12. Raven Beak
13. Kraid
14. Kanden
15. Gorea
16. Dark Samus
17. Mother Brain
18. Ridley
There are 7 games, in order:
1. Red Light, Green Light
2. Honeycomb
3. Midnight Brawl
4. Tug of War
5. Marbles
6. Glass Stepping Stones
7. Squid Game
Good luck, Metroid characters!
samus easy
@Dinar87, good guess. Let’s see the results of each round.

Let’s see the results of Round 1: Red Light, Green Light: it’s a game that’s about speed and sharp listening skills. The goal is make it to the finish line as fast as possible. HOWEVER, if a player is TOO focused on the finish line to realize when a "Red Light" is coming up, OR if they easily PANIC and accidentally move or stumble when they're SUPPOSED to FREEZE, then this game could spell their DOOM.

So, out of the players who start the game at round 1, who are the biggest winners (notably survivors), and who are the losers (the characters that bite the dust early)? Remembering the rules and characters mentioned of course.

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