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Feb 17, 2015
So when I got a PS4 a year and a half ago I saw a few of the free to play games that I ended up falling in love with DCUO. Now that sort of got old and really slow in doing things I am looking for another outlet to cure my MMO love.

The main two that come to my mind right now are Elder Scrolls (to be released finally on PS4 in summer) or Final Fantasy XIV (already out). Both games I would have to end up having to buy the game itself, but Elder Scrolls is switching to a free to play service (most likely will have a member service for certain things) and FFXIV has a price tag around 12-13 a month.

If the games are good I don't mind paying it as long as it keeps me interested, DCUO had me for about 6 months of paid service but everything ended up being the same thing over and over and over again. The grind I do love, but if I have to do the same mission over and over again just gets old an tedious.

So keep in mind I am a PS4 (i know PC has better MMOs) so I am just looking at what you think would be best option to go with? Or is there an option outside those two that I should look at?
Well, you're correct about PCs having 'better' (some would say) but definitely more eclectic amount of MMOs. That's really only because the PS4 is relatively new in comparison. Here's a pretty comprehensive list of the MMOs coming out for PS4 soon. Clearly, zombies will be all the rage:


Neverwinter (PS4)
MMO - Cryptic Studios - release date: 2015

H1Z1 (PS4)
MMO - Daybreak Game Company - release date: 2015

DayZ (PS4)
MMO - Bohemia Interactive Studio - release date: 2016

PlanetSide 2 (PS4)
MMO - Daybreak Game Company - release date: May 2015

EverQuest Next (PS4)
MMO - Daybreak Game Company - release date: TBA

Wild (PS4)
MMO - release date: 2015

Kingdom Under Fire II (PS4)
MMO - Blueside - release date: 2015

Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade (PS4)
MMO - Behaviour Interactive - release date: 2015

APB: Reloaded (PS4)
MMO - Reloaded Games - release date: June 2015

Wander (PS4)
MMO - Wander - release date: August 2015

Zombie MMO (Undead Labs) (PS4)
MMO - Undead Labs - release date: TBA

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