Who are your favorite video game villains?


Feb 3, 2014
Game Boy Color
Here are some of mine -

1. Heihachi


2. Carmen Sandiego


3. Psycho Mantis


4. Dr. Robotnik


5. Sniper Wolf


6. Edea Kramer


7. Nemesis

Sephiroth and Mother Brain are two big ones that come to mind. I like Liquid Snake from the MGS series. Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat can be included in the list, but their stories are not very deeply explained.
I'm a little lazy right now so I won't post the pictures, just the names:

  • Sephiroth
  • Carnage from the PS1 Spider-Man game
  • Venom from Web of Shadows

Can't think of more right now :rolleyes:

PS: I didn't know a Carmen Sandiego game existed :huh: I loved the TV show though...
Winner and still reigning champion:


Even in the age of NES, I had an undying respect for Joker.
1. Caesar from New Vegas because dude is deep even if I did end up beating him to death with a golf club. I really liked golf clubs in that game.
2. The Mayor from that one console Pokemon game on the GC. I mean I knew he was suspicious, but it still paid off for me.
3. Joker - all the Batman games, but especially the Arkham stuff. I mean come on it's the Joker and he is just a magnificent b@stard.
4. Shodan from System Shock because I don't like having my feelings played with... it still hurts.
5. Bowser because he just isn't very turtle like... all the kidnapping and fire and such just isn't on.
averus said:
I didn't know a Carmen Sandiego game existed :huh: I loved the TV show though...
That's the opposite for me, I didn't realize there is a TV show based on Carmen Sandiego, but I knew about the games.
Sure - there was the game show version with actual kids and geography questions, but there was also the cartoon which I only partially remember. I do remember loving the theme song. That said the game was hilarious, but also educational in nature.
Those are some great choices, Psycho Mantis and Sniper Wolf were unforgettable villains. Sniper Wolf in particular was not really evil, but the horrors she experienced during her childhood that took her down a dark road. Sephiroth and Liquid Snake are another two intriguing bosses from the Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid franchises, respectively. Another great boss is Senator Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, he definitely caught me by surprise.

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