Who Do You Main in Smash 4 and Why?


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Sep 16, 2014
Wii U
Hey guys. I was wondering: Who do you main in Smash 4, and why specifically do you main him or her? Is it because of your love for that character? Maybe the style of play he or she is? I personally main Yoshi, because Yoshi is my favorite video game character of all time, I am good with him, and he is just fun to play in my opinion.

whoa is that you doing all that smashing? Reminds me of bad i suck at it.

If i had to pick 1 and only 1 fav to say i main with, i'd pick Kirby. ever since Melee, i just seem to be in tune with him. who doesn't like dropping like a brick on someone's head to send em flying?
Samus and Zero Suit Samus.

Diehard Metroid fan here, so naturally I find them appealing. They're also both satisfying to play with and offer very different play-styles from one-another, so, yeah. Samus is love.
I like Sonic. However, I play Link because I have played with him ever since before there was Sonic and therefore, I am best with him.
I'm still trying to decide between Marth and Toon Link. I've already mained them both, along with Falco, on Brawl, but ultimately I dropped him because of how much he had changed, more than half of his main techniques were gone.
I went straight to Marth, and I still liked him because of his very precise and tecnical style: plus, landing a tipper is always so damn satisfying. Toon Link, instead, is more of a mixed character, and I've always liked the way you can mix physical attacks and projectiles, he's very spectacular to both play and watch.
Little Mac. Just because he is who I am best playing as. I am terrible with my fave character like Mega Man and Shulk,Ryu,Bayo and a few others. Little Mac I do much better with.
Primarily Ike. Good range, good power, some interesting little tricks. Moveset just works for me. Also enjoy a lot of Robin, Link, Corrin, and Cloud.
Kirby or Peach. Both have decent acrobatics. Kirby let's me switch things up with the copy and Peach has her defence Toad.
Mostly Zero Suit Samus, I love how fast and stun she is. I also like Peach for some reason. and Little Mac's power punch. Ike, Greninja, Pikachu are the 2nd tier for me.
Whoa, this thread exploded. :LOL:

@PenguinManiac You should play which character fits your playstyle more, than. Do you like really precise movements techniques with bigger reward? Or do you like more camping your opponent out with projectiles and only going in when you have to? Which character you like as a character more helps for the longevity with that character. Do you like Toon Link and/or the Legend of Zelda, or do you think that he is annoying/feel no interest for the character? I really like playing Yoshi because he has always been my favorite video game character since I started playing video games. I think that is a very important factor when choosing a main.

Hope this helped. :)
I play with most characters but I tend to use Falco and Robin more often than the others. Guess its because i'm better with them.
Nice, @MNP1

By the way, guys, if you ever want to fight me sometime, just ask. My NNID is Little_Dragon34 :)
Me & marth have been in it to win it since I unlocked him on my friends gamecube because he couldn't beat him. I called dibs on using the character first and the rest is a brilliant history of mind games
I am guessing that you play Melee, than?

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