Who do you want to see in Smash Bros DLC?


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Oct 22, 2014
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We just released a new video that covers our five favorite newcomers. It's got us thinking about other new characters we want to see in Smash Bros in the future.

What new characters would you want to see in Smash Bros?

Fit now I think that the only thing that I want to do is to just get this game. I think that this game will be really cool with the starting roster so I think that after I get it then I would decide on who I would like to see.
I wouldn't mind seeing Bayonetta as a character in the line up. Yes, I know, she's not Nintendo, but she IS a Nintendo exclusive for her sequel. So, I say she should be allowed in. After all, Snake's not necassarily Nintendo either, but he was in the game. :)
Bayonetta would be awesome to see in the game! SSB 4 has several characters that aren't Nintendo owned, or even Nintendo exclusive, so it's not that far fetched to think that she might show up! :)
I think it'd be nice to see a few more Pokemon in the game.There are lots of Pokemon who would be great for SSB.I guess there are too many to get them all, but Nintendo could at least make an effort.
Before I begin with my long, long wishlist of what newcomers should be added to SSB, I wanted to say that I truly did enjoy your video about your Top 5 Newcomers for SSB 4! I agree with most of your character choices (Greninja, Rosalina, Pacman)! Definitely a good video for beginners to learn about characters in addition to original players to understand newer editions, too!

Now, onto my wishlist of who I would LOVE to see in the next SSB! (I'll just make it into list form and the reason why!)

Birdo - I think a female Yoshi is overdue and would be a wonderful collection to the feminine side of SSB.
Daisy - Again, I think this would be a wonderful collection to the feminine side of SSB, but it would also complete the Nintendo Princess family.
Spyro - I don't know about you guys, but Spyro was the ultimate dragon growing up. Considering that it is not Nintendo, it may be harder to get this character into the game, but it would be well worth it, and would ultimately bring in a lot of the retro gamers (from the 80s and 90s)!
Sora - This may be a bit on the extreme side, but how wonderful would it be to have Sora from Kingdom Hearts fight in this battle? I mean... He's equivalent to Shulk with the keyblade, so why not? Nintendo loves to have pairs of characters anyways!
King K. Rool - Considering that Bowser is around for Mario games, it would be wonderful to have a little bit more enemy-characters within the scene and include Donkey Kong's worst enemy into the mix, too!
Shadow/Knuckles/Tails - Maybe just ONE more Sonic character would be good enough for me!
Eggman - And of course, the enemy of Sonic should be included, too. I think it would be a lot of fun!

What do you think of my list? Anyone agree or disagree? :)
I'm still surprised but very happy that Nintendo did this, now hopefully they pick more than one character from the list.

I personally feel Shovel knight and Shantae should be added in the game and have lot to offer.
A short-list of potential future Smash Bros characters I would love to see, regardless of whether they are actually Nintendo characters and regardless of the likelihood of those characters ever being introduced into the Smash Bros franchise (many obviously would never happen), include: Ninja Gaiden, Bomberman (who could be substituted with Super Mario Bros 2's Mouser or Mega Man's Bomb Man if need be), Metroid's Ridley, Castlevania's Alucard and Simon Belmont, Mega Man X's Sigma, various robot masters from Mega Man, Portal's Chell, Bayonetta, and Duke Nukem--because why not? ;)
I would like to see Pichu and Ivysaur come back, but for a newcomer? Definitely Tails the Fox! :3
Krystal, Wolf, King K. Rool, Impa just to name a few.
I definitely agree with this statement. The Donkey Kong series needs more representation. This series has had a huge impact on Nintendo history, so it's a shame that Smash only gives them 2 representatives. I'd much prefer King K. Rool to another Kong like Dixie Kong (though Cranky Kong would be AWESOME). And he has so much potential for an amazing moveset! He's a pirate king, for crying out loud!

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