Who else is disappointed in the new sonic title?

Jack Lovejoy

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Jan 23, 2016
California (Originally from Korea)
Hey, I was thinking it would be a 3d next gen title.... but we got a Sonic time twisted fangame clone...
I am not saying it is going to be bad, its just disappointing that I didnt get a new 3d title...
Well while we're on the topic I'm both intrigued and disappointed by another Generations game. Though I also think it's possible it won't be an actual Generations 2, I think it's also likely it's just an Unleashed/Colors/Generations style game that has both Sonics in it. Though I could be wrong on that given that it's an anniversary title.
I try not to get too invested in my expectations for games anymore, because over the years I have just been disappointed too many times for me to think that they will come anything to close to what I expected. That said, though, I agree with you and I am a little disappointed, but not as much as I used to be or would have been. I have always liked the Sonic games though, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.
2D one looks good and with Whitehead on the project then it's bound to be good. They already said it's NOT a Generations sequel. I am interested. I liked the last 3 games made by Sonic Team.

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