Who has a better selection - Apple or Android?


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Feb 18, 2013
If you're really into mobile gaming which system has a better selection overall - Apple or Android? I honestly don't know because I don't care about Apple as a whole... and I don't really use tablets anyway. That said I'm being gifted a new tablet and I'm thinking about expanding my horizons a bit. So ... help me out?
I would say android, it has just about every popular game that's on te App Store, and it has access to emulators without havin to jailbreak your device and void warranty.
Sure, but how do they play and what is the size of the library and how many infected roms can I expect while trying to use an emulator? Details would be nice.
There's several apps on the Google store just for the emulators, some free other you have to pay. You have to get the roms yourself, and whenever I pick a rom it usually works just fine. If you're looking for a GBA emulator for Android, definitely try My Boy! Runs very smoothly for me and never crashes.
Interesting - what is your opinion with the Google store? Does it have a nice interface or is it awful to navigate? What sites do you typically visit to get roms from?
As of mid-2013, most developers were still publishing their premium titles on iOS first, then Android. Apples continues to claim that iOS is better for paid content, although I'm not sure how well supported that is. It may very well be a self-fulfilling prophecy at this point. A lot of premium games do come to Android bloated with ads though, which kind of sucks.
Hmm... very interesting - would you say that the "bloat" affects performance to an unfair degree or is it fairly copasetic?
It's easier to develop for one device and OS for apple than it is for developers to make apps/games for android. This is due to the somewhat vast amount of devices and versions of the Android OS.

Anyway if you want the latest games as soon as possible and are not interested in jailbreaking your phone to play emulators then get an apple device. If you are into emulators and can wait a bit for games to come out then get Android.

I can't comment on bloatware because I rooted my Android phone and basically got rid of all of the bloat.
I have a Samsung Galaxy Discover that’s an Android-based smartphone, so I can’t really offer much experiential learning on the iOS. However, I do have a relative that has an iPhone, and I do know that most capabilities (at least compared to my phone model) is vastly superior. But I guess it would be unfair to compare a low-end smartphone like the Discover vs. an iPhone 5s or even an older version of that!

There’s so many factors one has to take into consideration, and I feel that most people would gravitate towards the apps, games, and social media related potential each has. If you want to take things realistically, Apple is signing up with major corporations like China Mobile, Pegatron, and much more that will make them dominate in the near future.

And considering how they’ve managed to deal with many patent loyalty cases with Samsung and other mobile device powerhouses, Apple would be the go-to brand for selection. However, one shouldn’t be overwhelmed by statistics or the amount one company has in global market share over the other. It depends on which anecdotal cases you’ve analyzed where people shifted from iOS to Android for a myriad of reasons. Then taking into consideration of the elitists from both spectrums, and whether or not people are stingy with a trivial thing that forces them to think a bit more makes setting up wildcards easy to shun down whatever brand they feel they don’t like.

Personally, I have yet to be caught into the smartphone addiction (for now), so my take on this is a bit more neutral even though I have an Android phone. I’m perfectly content with mine, and I’m sure I would be content with an iOS as well. I just look for apps that are productive, and any games that can be good time killers. If a brand can give me that consistency to flexibly go in an out with ease, I’m not going to garner a hatred for the other competitions just like that.
Android because of the massive selection of diffrently speced phones. You don't need a high spec for most games but it can come in handy for some like GTA Vice City and GTA III and what not.
A few years ago, it was definitely Apple but that's no longer the case. Android leads the way as far as mobile gaming goes. However, that's not saying much. The overall level of quality is atrociously low as most of these games are developed within a 2 week period. Also, there are plenty of Android games that won't work even if you've got the right device and version of Android. There seem to be very few checks and balances within the realm of Android game development.
In my opinion Android. Amazing selection of games, even though sometimes they don't work lol
I technically have the ability to make games on the iPad, using an app called Codea. Android really has nothing that advanced.

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