Who is buying the Xbox One?

Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
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So Spill It! Has anyone purchased the Xbox One? I am tempted to get a PS4, but I am super curious about how people feel about the One. My cousin bought one and he really likes it, but he is a big time Microsoft fan boy. Lets here the reviews!
I highly doubt I would purchase one either. It's somewhat unlikely that I'll even purchase a PS4; I still have a lot of PS3 generation games to play!
I forgot about the Wii U actually! Here I am on the Nintendo forum, and I didn't remember the new generation hahahaha
Yeah I mean Xbox One just screwed over fans really horribly. Plus I have such a bad backlog on video games that upgrading is really not in my cards right now.
I already have a Wii U, but I'm getting a PS4... because Steampunk is apparently very important to me as an individual. Stupid Order game... looking all awesome and such.
I doubt I'll ever buy a Xbox. I'd rather spend some money on Nintendo consoles or to upgrade my PC :)

There are some games on the X1 and PS4 that make me wish I had one, but I don't think they're worth spending the money.

If someone gave it to me as a present, I wouldn't mind :rolleyes:
I kinda skipped the Xbox Original because PS2 owned my soul, but I love my 360 forevah! On top of that wasn't big on the PS, but I adored the PS2 and was okay with the PS3. So getting a PS4 rather than a Xbone works for me - also I am not much for keyboards and mice over you know a handheld controller. On top of that I already got a Wii U to complement my Wii... because it was lonely for it's own kind.
I have a PC a bunch of retro consoles but the only console I plan on picking up this time around is the Wii U.
I think that the Xbox one will be good, but I doubt that I will ever buy it. Right now I'm thinking about buying the PS4. Which is old I know, but I hate paying the full price for the console. There are other ways that I could spend my money. I mean the Xbox is good, but I just don't think that I would want the new one. I also hear that the PlayStation is better. I have played on a PS4, and they are nice I would just have to get used to the controls.
Very unlikely. I'm not even that impressed with the PS4 which is the top dog in this generation's console race. The only console that truly differentiates itself is the Nintendo Wii U. It's a pity that it's selling so bad but this is the games industry where the wrong console always comes on top, sort of like political figures. Anyway, for most of those that already have a decent gaming PC, there really isn't a point of getting either a Xbox One or PS4. But the Wii U can provide an experience that is totally different to that on PC.
I got ahead of myself and pre-ordered Assasin's Creed Unity and Batman: Arkham Knight on Xbox One because of the collector editions so I wouldn't miss out on them. I, um, did this before I owned the actual console... Oops. :\

So, considering that I already own two Xbox One games, yes I think it's safe to say that I'll eventually get it... :)
I got one for Christmas the year it came out. I'm streaming YouTube on it as I type, actually.

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