Who is doing the best job this generation - Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft?

Damien Lee

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Jun 17, 2015
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I think this is the most boring console generation that I can remember. Nevertheless, competition seems to be pretty tight among the main trio of console manufacturers. It's no secret that Sony is leading the pack in terms of sales, thanks to the stellar success of the PS4.

Microsoft's Xbox One has been lackluster and pales in comparison to the excitement and sales the Xbox 360 garnered. While Nintendo have been doing great with the 3DS, the Wii U is another story entirely. The system has only sold around 10 million units thus far. A pretty bad performance, even though I feel the Wii U has a decent games library, far better to that of the PS4 and Xbox One at the moment.

I'll conclude by saying that Nintendo have done above average at delivering the games for the Wii U but have failed to get most gamers excited about their console. Sony have definitely been the best at promoting the PS4, even though the games library is rather poor. And Microsoft are just in limbo land at the moment.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the console race?
Well I think everyone knows what my answer is gonna be, since I am a whole-hearted Nintendo fan all the way, I say Nintendo is making the utmost best games right now.
Eh........... Unfortunately, Nintendo is doing the worst. Yes, their first party line up is the best as it always is, but they're lacking in third party support more than they have ever in the past. I still think they should just do a better job at marketing the Wii U instead of jumping ship to a new console right now, though.

I don't have a PS4 so I can't really comment on it much, but it does seem like Sony is in the position that it thinks it can do whatever it pleases because it's so far in the best position. Unfortunately, they're right. They probably could just walk all over everyone and people would still eat it all up. That's not to say Sony isn't doing a good job, they definitely are. Street Fighter and Shenmue have me a little salty that they're not coming to Xbox, but that's a good thing on them that they're doing. Shenmue III wouldn't get made if not for them. I'm waiting until there's at least six prime games I want on the PS4 before I pick one up. So far I have Shenmue III and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. LittleBigPlanet 3 would be another if it wasn't for the PS3 as well. From the looks of it their controller is also much better than the previous one, which is a big plus. Sony will also again have the best third party support overall this generation since they'll have the most support from the eastern third parties as well as a plethora of western developers who will prefer them over Xbox because of sales and what not.

Xbox... Oh, Xbox. They've really, and I do mean really stepped up their game in recent years. Phil Spencer is doing a great job turning Xbox back around, though I doubt it'll be enough because of the original 2013 always online stuff will probably stay ingrained in people's heads forever no matter how much they do to change (though then again, Sony royally mess up with the PS3 and they turned it around so it's still possible). In my personal opinion, Xbox has better exclusives than PlayStation does (they kind of need too just to compete with them). So far, Zoo Tycoon on Xbox One is my favorite non Nintendo game of the generation. Plus, Forza, Halo, Crackdown, and Quantum Break look better to me then what PS4 has in the AAA exclusive market right now.

Overall though... I think all companies are doing good in their own right for the generation.... I can't pick one who's doing the "best' out of the three.
How do we judge a platform as doing the best job? Is it sales, game design, or innovation? Of course Sony has got the better sales because it came out cheaper and didn't include the Kinect that the XBOX ONE had. That hampered it right out of the box. Less console out there means less games to be sold, bottom line.

Nintendo is innovative but I felt that their game line up wasn't strong enough to back up the system. Hence the reason why they are losing in this generation of consoles. Microsoft was behind from the get go because of the higher asking price and Sony ran away from the start of the race. They are millions of unit up on Microsoft. The only upside to Microsoft right now is the fact that it is now backwardly compatible with 360 games. With that news alone, I lean more towards XBOX ONE for the depth of it 360 library.