Who is Emily Rogers?

Professor E. Gadd

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Oct 15, 2012
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Over the past few days, a bunch of websites posted rumors based on supposed leaks from someone named Emily Rogers (ArcadeGirl64 on Twitter), a self-proclaimed Nintendo insider. I have no idea who this person is, so I have to just take these rumors at face value.

The first rumor had to do with Zelda NX, which will allegedly give players a choice between a male and a female Link and feature voice acting by all NPCs. A female Link sounds utterly ridiculous to me, but time will tell if it's true.

The second rumor came out today, which simply says that the NX will include four Wii U game ports. Huh? Why four games and not three or five? Only Emily Rogers knows. Again, this type of "news leak" sounds more like something a psychic or a palm reader would tell some naive sucker than legitimate insider news.

Which sort of brings me to my main point. Why are reputable gaming news sites re-publishing these stupid, unsubstantiated rumors? This person named Emily Rogers seems to be in a pattern of tweeting something sensationalist, waiting for news outlets to pick it up, then deleting the tweet. Apparently, she or he (I'm pretty sure it's a guy) used to maintain a blog or a tumblr page, which was recently also deleted. How mysterious.

I also tried to analyze the record of her past leaks, and lo and behold, of course she has "predicted" a ton of stuff incorrectly. So why are we giving this wannabe insider any of our attention? Are we so desperate to discuss anything about NX that could look true? If anyone in the industry can actually confirm her link to a valid Nintendo source, I will edit this post, but as of now I am calling her out as a fake.
News media went down the drain years ago. Now all they publish is something called "clickbait". It's really quite sad.

Also, the number of reputable gaming sites has gone down as well. For the record, I hardly list the likes of IGN as reputable, for a number of reasons (confusing reviews, too many ads, etc). Sorry if this offends anyone.
Half her shit is right then the other half she is dead wrong. So take everything with a grain of salt.

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