Who is the best character to main in SSB4 (Super Smash Bros 4)

Which is the best system to play Smash Bros On?

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Imani S

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May 17, 2015
Recently, I received Super Smash Bros 4 3Ds as a gift. I was really good at Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii and still maining the same two characters (Sheik, Zero Suit Samus). However, my boyfriend tells me that the easiest way to get better at the game is to play as other people's mains so that you'll know how they fight. I've played with our entire circle of friends at my school and got accustomed to about 6 other characters. Who do you guys main as? Why? What is it that your mains are really good at that makes it easier for you to play?
I was just going to complain that "main" was not a verb, but then I peeked into the Smash Bros Wiki.
"Main" also can be used as a verb, e.g., "Isai mains Captain Falcon and Sheik."
Such is the fluid, ever evolving nature of the English language--especially in the 21st Century and among our millennial generation!


Creating new buzz-words (out of concatenation or otherwise) doesn't bother me too much, as there needs to be a mechanism to create new words for new concepts. Changing the definition of a word or playing around with a word's role within a sentence though is something I must judge on a case-by-case basis.

There are several things that I will not back down on though: the use of capitalization and punctuation, not replacing simple words with a single letter or number, the proper use of "your" versus "you're" and "there" versus "their" versus "they're" and "two" versus "to" versus "too," the correct use of "literally," etc.
i was a Kirby man from Melee until recently. I seem to have Capt Falcon fine tuned and figured out for myself. I absolutely suck, so no one needs to worry!
My mains in the first Smash were Fox, Link and Kirby.
On Melee, they were Fox, Link, Roy... I became very proficient with most of the characters, that was the time I was really good at Smash. Won a tournament at a game convention and everything.
Brawl I skipped because I only got a Wii a couple years ago and it was always sold out or extremely expensive.
And now on the new Smash I feel I'm terrible, so much that I still can't figure who I'm not so sucky with, but it appears Meta Knight, Shulk, Link and Lucina are all good matches for me. Sword characters, all.
I think the Wii U is the best system to play smash on. Dont get me wrong its great however you play but ive always been more of a console type of guy.
I definitely like playing on the Wii U more than the 3DS. I main Yoshi. I just picked up Kirby and Ness. I seem to be starting fine with them, I have been watching videos of pro players (JTails, My Smash Corner) on how to become a strong player. Those are just my thoughts though. I would suggest having a main that is in every Smash game, that way you are prepped for every situation. But, I would suggest having 2 go-to characters. So main 2 that are in every game, and then, if you want, main 2 that are in Smash 4, so that way you can kick butt in any situation. Those are just my thoughts though, so feel free to just do whatever you want to do. Here are just a few videos from MSC and JTails:

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I main Lucina. PS no h8 m8. I don't care about all of those people who think Lucina sucks- I'll Shield Break them to "infinity." I also play Duck Hunt, Link, Greninja, Ganondorf, and Ness, but I'll play pretty much ANY fighter.
I main Yoshi. He has everything that's good: mobility and power. The thing I like about Yoshi is that he could be played offensively and defensively, depending on the match-up. Once an opponent makes a wrong move, Yoshi could easily capitalize on the mistake an that would mean death for the enemy. In my opinion, the best move on Yoshi would be his headbutt.
Personally, I think the best character to main really depends on which characters you personally like and feel the strongest connections to. When my friends and I gather to play Smash 4, we'll just pick our favorite characters regardless of how good of a fighter we think they are. After all, after you get used to playing as a certain character, you learn to fight with them pretty well anyways.

I main as Robin mostly because I'm overly attached to Fire Emblem Awakening. Plus, you can play as both male and female Robin, and it's just incredible to see them in combat. You never really get good glimpses of them in FEA, so it's awesome getting to see them rendered in Smash.
This is something I really enjoy from Nintendo! Based on your game-play or style, you will be better off with certain characters. They don't all have the same weight, abilities, or recovery.

I'm a power player, I always enjoyed powerful characters like Bowser. In SSB4 I find myself playing with little Mac because of his powerful attacks on land. However, if you manage to throw me off stage I am much more likely to die than if I'm playing with Kirby.

LITTLE Mac all the way!
Yeah Little Mac is fun but I prefer characters that have good air attacks like Yoshi. Double jab into down throw into up air! GAME!
Well, if you have the DLC I'd recommend either Roy or Ryu, they're both amazing characters. And if not, then Duck Hunt!

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